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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Cartier Women's Necklaces

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Choose your next second-hand Cartier necklace!

Among Cartier jewelry that you can find on our site, the place of necklaces is very wide. And it is legitimate, so the second-hand Cartier necklaces are with the rings the spearheads of the brand. They appeal to all ages with their classic designs and ease of wearing them in all circumstances. Take the time to browse through these many models to find the one whose finish and elegance will delight your heart!

Cartier: a historic brand and exceptional jewelry

A very old French luxury brand, Cartier still occupies the same address, rue de la Paix, since it was created in 1847. This immutability clearly illustrates all the historical weight that this great brand has in the eyes of lovers of jewelry, watchmaking and all the luxury products it creates.

In the field of jewelry, Cartier has crossed all fashions and artistic trends thanks to a unique know-how, but also thanks to a rather exceptional creative talent. It was based on the purity of forms and lines, a great fidelity to quality materials and also ranges that have become emblematic and evolving by small touches.

This is the case for the models of jewelry Trinity, Love or the use of the panther as a symbol of the brand. This is also available in the world of second-hand Cartier necklaces where the models offer a fine balance between classical tradition and modernism. This is certainly one of the reasons why these used necklaces are so appreciated and please the greatest number.

Second-hand Cartier necklaces: a wide choice of iconic models

Among the second-hand Cartier necklaces that you can find here, many are part of the most famous ranges of the Cartier house.

We thus find the famous series of Trinity based on the famous rings with three interlaced rings. For necklaces, it is usually available in the form of 3 golds on chains or long necklaces. But, some necklaces also have a 3 gold Trinity heart pendant with some of them adorned with diamonds.

You will also find Panther necklaces featuring the famous animal, icon of the brand for years, even decades. It is found in particular on necklaces in white gold, with emeralds and onyx and of course diamonds.

Among the other second-hand Cartier necklaces in our collection, there are many necklaces in yellow, white or gray gold, necklaces with various pendants and also pearl necklaces or mesh necklaces.

There really is something for everyone, from very fine necklaces to a more imposing choker, necklaces to wear every day or those more intended for exceptional moments.

In all cases, and whatever your choice, all our second-hand Cartier necklaces like all our jewelry are appraised by professionals to ensure an authentic purchase without any worry.

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