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Chanel Camellia Women's Rings

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Second-hand Chanel Camélia ring: the brand's emblem ring

If the famous Chanel suit is the brand's favorite garment, we must not forget that the camellia was Coco Chanel's favorite flower. It is found in many of its creations and in particular in the jewelry produced for decades by the famous house. Thus, the second-hand Chanel Camélia ring has become over time a must-have for the brand and a highly sought-after jewel. Fortunately, the number of models of this kind abounds and there are all styles to delight everyone. The second-hand Chanel Camélia rings that you will find here are sure to please thanks to their timeless design and unique quality.

Chanel: the eternal French style

Embodied or personified by its creator, Coco Chanel and then by Karl Lagerfeld, its stylist, the Chanel brand is an emblem of luxury and a true standard of French know-how. This brand was able to quickly diversify by producing perfumes in addition to clothing and jewelry came a little later. In these three areas, the house of Chanel has always had success while remaining at a level of excellence.

The simplicity of the lines, the quality of the materials and real craftsmanship have always been at the heart of Chanel creation, appealing to all generations.

Today, the Chanel jewel has become equivalent to other jewels from major specialized brands and it is experiencing incomparable enthusiasm throughout the world. This is particularly reflected in the field of used Chanel rings whose many models are highly prized for their timeless beauty and style.

This is particularly the case for second-hand Chanel Camélia rings, which have always been real stars in Chanel boutiques around the world.

The choice among our second-hand Chanel Camélia rings

Coco Chanel had a passion for the camellia flower. Because devoid of perfume and thorns, it embodied, for her, a simple flower in the image of her creations. Its sobriety and rounded geometry were a source of inspiration and she often used it as a motif in various clothes or jewellery. The Camélia collection created to bring together all the jewels featuring this flower is then organized around this symbol with five petals, five being Coco Chanel's lucky number.

In this collection, it is the rings that are the most numerous and certainly the most famous. The camellia motif is then engraved, sculpted, presented in openwork motifs, figuratively or modernly stylized and always with various materials.

You will be able to find very beautiful rings in white gold and diamonds where the camellias are found in openwork patterns around the perimeter of the ring, or models where the camellia is on top of the onyx or white agate ring.

There are also superb models of second-hand Chanel Camélia rings called “Fil de Camélia” where it is a gold thread sometimes topped with diamonds that draws the petals of the flower.

In any case and whatever your preferences, the finesse and delicacy of these rings is a delight for the eyes and of course also for the hands of those who wear them. Finally, all the second-hand Chanel Camélia rings presented to you are authenticated by our team to give you peace of mind in your purchase.


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