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Bracelets Fred Force 10 Woman and Man

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Treat yourself to a second-hand Fred Force 10 bracelet

The second-hand Fred Force 10 bracelet is a real institution of the Fred jewelry brand. It has been around for almost 4 decades and never goes out of style. It has even become an obvious purchase choice for couples who want to mark their union with a pair of bracelets. The second hand Fred bracelets are always perfect for giving an original touch to an outfit or completing a look in a unique way. The models of second-hand Fred Force 10 bracelets that you will find here perfectly embody these qualities and add a particular symbolic force that make them original gifts.

Fred: the typically Parisian brand

Fred symbolizes for many jewelry enthusiasts the typically Parisian brand: recent enough not to have had a worldwide reputation for decades, attached to its shops in the capital and above all having based its development on post-war cinema and its stars. Europeans.

If the seventh art was essential to Fred's rise, the same goes for many Paris-based artists. This is how Picasso, Braque and especially Cocteau brought their genius and their aesthetic sense to help create avant-garde and successful jewelry.

Today, the Fred jewelry house continues in the same vein and offers collections of jewelry, but also watches that meet a very heterogeneous and international clientele.

Used Fred rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are real hits and are on sale for a short time. This is even truer when it comes to emblematic collections like the famous Force 10 available in rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

A second-hand Fred Force 10 bracelet: the essential piece of jewelery

The Fred collection that has been the most successful for nearly 40 years is the “Force 10” collection. Its concept is also well used for watchmaking, jewelry or eyewear marketed by the brand.

The models of used Fred Force 10 bracelets all include, what makes this series famous: the famous U-shaped fastener which brings a rather modern and dynamic style while being completely functional.

This marine-style bracelet, with like braided ropes, symbolizes strength with its solid attachment. This force wants to be the one that cements a couple. And the particularity of the Fred Force 10 bracelets is that they are totally unisex. Apart from a few specific models, most can be worn by a man or a woman and constitute attractive gifts to be given as a couple to mark the commitment of a relationship.

Depending on the model, they can be in the form of rods, on a cord or made up of cobblestones. They also offer a real choice of materials, since they can be found in white gold, yellow gold, or even gray or pink, with diamonds, stones and even platinum.

As with all the second-hand jewelry models presented on our site, the second-hand Fred Force 10 bracelets that you can choose from are all appraised by our team and always in an impeccable state of preservation.


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