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Bulgari Women's Rings

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Second-hand Bulgari ring: Italian luxury

Bulgari is one of the oldest brands of Roman goldsmithing and its designs are often influenced by Italian chic and the monuments of the ancient capital. Having become over the decades, a true icon of international fashion, the Bulgari brand today embodies a certain idea of ​​luxury in all generations. Buying or giving a second-hand Bulgari ring is not trivial: it is often a very special attention and in all cases, a particular aesthetic choice to stick to a personality or to highlight a unique style.

Bulgari: dolce vita in its jewelry

Founded in 1887, the Bulgari house started its activity in northern Greece. Its founder quickly moved to Italy and ended up founding numerous boutiques in Rome. It was after the Second World War and with the advent of the dolce vita period that the brand took off. She then experienced an international breakthrough, her jewelry evoking a certain Italian art of living and accompanying the rise of Italian sartorial fashion.

Many Bulgari jewelry created during this period were inspired by ancient Roman art and in particular by the emblematic monuments of the city. We still find today among Bulgari's creations, traces of the architectural treasures of the Eternal City which are a permanent source of inspiration.

For example, many second-hand or new Bulgari rings have the shape of the Colosseum or feature symbols of Ancient Rome. And they are all of a rather clean style, with simple geometric shapes with a large predominance for white gold.

Choose a used Bulgari ring among many models

Second-hand Bulgari rings are a dream of many people. They embody true modern refinement and are quite atypical on the clothing market. second-hand ring without appearing eccentric.

Thus the many Bulgari rings that imitate the shape of the Roman Colosseum won many votes. With their cylindrical shape lined with a thickness at each end, they are recognizable at first glance and really make you think of the Roman monument when they are placed vertically on the edge.

In this selection, you will also find rings in white gold set with diamonds around their edges or models such as the B. Zero 1 with its particularly appreciated transparency effect. The famous Serpenti ring in white gold, diamonds and sapphires is also present among the many second-hand Bulgari rings available. It is clearly one of the jewels of the brand's range and is proving to be sought after by many people.

Rarer at Bulgari, you will nevertheless find some fairly successful rose gold models and also models where yellow and white gold rings are intertwined. Many models with a single ring for engagement rings or wedding rings are also sometimes present in this selection of second-hand Bulgari rings.

In addition, all our second-hand Bulgari rings are appraised by our professional team, carefully selected to offer you jewelry in impeccable condition and of course offered at the fairest price on the market.


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