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Second-hand engagement ring: the choice of many prestigious brands

The engagement ring is the jewel with the strongest symbolism. The one we offer at the dawn of a budding love to celebrate a formal engagement. It must be beautiful, pure and elegant, but also respond to a certain tradition. Indeed, the engagement ring has had a unique style for a very long time. This is what makes it an almost timeless jewel, and therefore a popular jewel on the second-hand market. So, if you are looking for a second-hand engagement ring signed and of quality, from one of the most beautiful brands of jewelry, you will have an incomparable choice here and you will necessarily find what you are looking for!

What characterizes the engagement ring?

The tradition of offering a ring during the engagement between future spouses dates back to Roman antiquity. If, at that time, a simple iron ring acted as an engagement ring, we know that it was already installed on the left ring finger. Indeed, the Romans thought that this finger was directly connected to the heart by a vein.

To find a trace of a ring adorned with stone or diamond on the occasion of an engagement, you have to go back to the middle of the 15ᵉ century. At that time, Agnès Sorel and Marie de Bourgogne were offered a ring with a diamond to celebrate their romantic engagement.

Since then, the tradition has continued, and an engagement ring is generally a rather thin ring topped with a stone. Very often, this central stone is a diamond and more rarely, a ruby, an emerald or a sapphire. Around the center stone, there may be small diamonds arranged in geometric shapes.

It is the extreme resistance of the diamond (and its beauty!) that has made it the symbol of conjugal fidelity that is somehow unbreakable.

Unlike the engagement ring, the wedding ring is an alliance (a ring) that is not topped with stones.

There have been evolutions and fashions over time regarding the engagement ring. Certain periods favored certain diamond cuts, certain settings or certain materials for the ring. But, overall, the pre-owned engagement ring still meets the same main criteria for centuries. It is therefore quite easy to get a second-hand engagement ring today that fits perfectly with current fashion.

The most beautiful brands of second-hand engagement rings

When you choose to offer a beautiful second-hand engagement ring, the great advantage is to have a very wide choice among all the production of the most beautiful jewelry houses.

You can then choose a beautiful, elegant, rather classic model of used Cartier ring or opt for the classic charm of a used Chaumet ring.

For those who are more tempted by the ornament of a very beautiful stone, a second hand pomellato ring will certainly be perfect and for a certain chic classicism form, the choice of a second hand Bulgari ring will suit most people.

It is of course also possible to find beautiful second-hand engagement rings from jewelry houses such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chanel, Mauboussin, or Chopard. These brands compete in ingenuity and creativity to revisit this type of ring, but their old models are just as popular with lovers of beautiful engagement rings.

Whether you like engagement rings with a towering solitaire diamond, rows of smaller diamonds, set stones, gold, silver or platinum, you are bound to find the pre-owned engagement ring of your dreams. among our many models of used rings, all authenticated by our teams.


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