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Offer the second-hand Toi & Moi ring as a token of love!

Since its creation at the end of the 18th century, the Toi & Moi ring has always embodied amorous commitment. If it is worn by the stars today after the crowned heads of the last centuries, it remains very popular and also sought after on the second-hand jewelry market. This style of ring has been produced by many fine jewelry houses and it is widely present among the second-hand rings presented for sale. Discover here the origins and the history of this style of ring which goes back to Napoleon and find the second-hand Toi & Moi ring model that will suit the testimony of love you wish to give!

The Toi et Moi ring: a long tradition

The Toi & Moi ring is defined by the juxtaposed presence of two set precious stones. They are generally of comparable sizes, but can be of the same material or of two different materials.

It is a fairly old type of ring since Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1776 offered Joséphine de Beauharnais, his future wife, a Toi & Moi ring which included a sapphire and a diamond. This ring still exists since it was acquired at auction by a collector for the sum of 896 euros!

This style of ring then spread throughout Europe and finally reached heights of popularity at the end of the 19ᵉ century and the beginning of the 20ᵉ. At this time, almost everyone wants to offer an engagement ring of this type, with of course variations on the quality of the stones to suit all budgets.

The Toi et Moi ring will remain for many decades in the catalogs of various jewelry houses and will continually experience a certain craze even if it will go out of fashion over time.

She remains today a second-hand ring quite sought after for its symbolism of union between two beings and its natural beauty. In addition, wearing a diamond and a precious stone on the same ring, for example, is uncommon and is seen as a particularly strong sign of commitment.

The symbolism of the stones is there to reinforce this message of love. The diamond has always conveyed the image of a pure and constant love when the sapphire, for example, is the symbol of loyalty and peace or that ruby ​​signifies beauty and passion. There are therefore infinite possibilities with various combinations of precious stones on a second-hand Toi et Moi ring to send a special message to the chosen one of his heart.

The second-hand Toi & Moi ring is still relevant

Because of its very strong symbolism, the Toi & Moi ring is always a popular ring to testify to one's love, whether as an engagement gift or at other times in life.

This kind of ring is obviously not permanently in the catalog of jewelry houses and it is sometimes better to fall back on the market for vintage rings to find superb models. Indeed, second-hand Toi & Moi rings remain numerous and are available in all price ranges, depending on the jewelry brands and production periods. Over the decades, there have always been creations of rings in the Toi et Moi style: this implies that there has not been a sudden scarcity of this model of ring as may be the case with others. styles of rings more rooted in a particular era.

The second-hand Toi & Moi ring can thus be found in our selections of second-hand Van Cleef & Arpels rings, used Chanel rings, second hand tiffany rings and among many other famous jewelry brands.

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