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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
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Bracelets Cartier Love Women

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Treat yourself to a Cartier Love bracelet!

Bracelets are available in many styles, many shapes, many colors... There are also an infinite number of models, which delight lovers of fashion and luxury. Quickly discover our selection of Cartier Love bracelets! We offer various used models on our platform 58 Facettes. It's up to you to choose according to your tastes and your budget, but also according to your style. Your future crush may be among our proposals!

Cartier Love bracelets of all styles

There is plenty of choice among our selection 58 Facettes and you will easily find the Cartier Love bracelet of your dreams! We offer second-hand bracelets with a very simple and refined design, which will sublimate both your wrist and your outfit. White gold, yellow gold... Some Cartier Love bracelets feature small, finely sculpted diamonds, while others are adorned with fun charms. You can also choose a bracelet that is adorned with several tones and mixes them in a pretty braid. Did you know that the diamonds have a meaning? Called the stone of reconciliation, the diamond is one of the most prized crystals by jewelry lovers. It is also the most brilliant of the crystals and the most difficult to scratch. The diamond symbolizes purity, unity and eternal love. He often offers himself at the time of engagement and marriage. How about a Cartier Love "drapery" bracelet? Both vintage and timeless, this pattern goes well with all types of outfits. You can also let yourself be tempted by a "Agrafe" model, both massive and very modern. And why not distinguish yourself with a bracelet adorned with tsavorites and onyx? You will cause a sensation with a bracelet adorned with two little panthers! Do not hesitate to associate your Cartier Love bracelet with earrings of the same style! You can wear a Cartier Love bracelet in everyday life, but also during chic evenings. It all depends on the bracelet chosen, fine and discreet or on the contrary imposing, with elegant charms.

Cartier Love: a unique collection

It was in 1970 in New York that the Love collection was born, resulting from the fertile imagination of Cartier jewelers. This timeless collection consists of bracelets with particularly designed graphic lines. It is a true ode to love, the ideal gift to seal a union. Each Cartier Love bracelet has clean lines, with a very secure, sophisticated closing system. These brand jewels adapt perfectly to the shape of the wrist, whatever the morphology. Lightweight, they are really comfortable to wear and act like a second skin. Once you put yours on, you won't feel it! Cartier Love bracelets can be worn permanently, day and night, symbols of the love your partner has for you. A Cartier Love bracelet is easily recognized by the small emblematic screws with which it is adorned.

Cartier Love bracelets in very good condition

Like all the jewels that are displayed on our online sales platform 58 Facettes, our pre-owned Cartier Love bracelets had a good life before. They belonged to people who took great care of them, putting them away in their velvet case when they were no longer in use. Each Cartier Love bracelet has great sentimental value, having been offered at a wedding, at an engagement party or even at the birth of a child.

Our specialists thoroughly inspect each of the new parts we receive. Like each of our used jewelry, the bracelets are cleaned and authenticated, before being offered for sale on our platform.

Attention to detail and extremely meticulous finishes are truly part of Cartier's trademark. Buying a Cartier Love jewel means owning a true little masterpiece, which has been crafted with great talent and passion by the brand's jewelers.

Quickly browse our selection of Cartier Love bracelets! They are truly must-have jewelry for anyone with a taste for luxury who likes simple yet chic adornments. Our second-hand jewels are ready to live their second life by your side, to write the second part of their story with you. Already loaded with memories, they will accompany you during all the great important moments of your life.

Do you want to sell a Cartier Love bracelet that you no longer wear? Did you know ? You can sell your jewelry on 58 Facettes. We offer a free consignment service for your jewellery, which is fast and fluid. We offer a service for the resale of your jewelry, or to have a Cartier Love bracelet appraised or appraised.

Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of taking a photo, describing the jewelry and putting it online on our site, highlighting it on our social networks and in our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

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