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What is a used tank ring?

Perhaps you have already heard of the tank ring, a widely popular model during the 40s? This style of ring was made by many French jewelry brands at that time and is found today in large numbers among second-hand rings on the market. You will discover here absolutely everything about its origin and the explanation of its name, as well as the essential characteristics to recognize it.

A pre-war origin

You have to go back to the mid-30s to see this style of ring appear. At the same time, European armies were modernizing and the enthusiasm around the tank as a modern weapon made the expression “tank” popular, which appeared in the French language.

It was then easy to associate this word with this new style of ring, quite massive, often cubic and with pronounced edges.

Ironically, this ring that appeared in 1935 will know its heyday right in the 40s at the heart of the war. The art deco movement and even more the art nouveau movement have gone out of fashion and rounded or floral shapes seem totally outdated.

On the contrary, it was a retro art current strongly influenced by Picasso's cubism which was fashionable at the time. The forms are then geometric, very marked and the perspective prevails over the symbolism.

In addition, during the war years, many families move and want to take some of their gold discreetly. The choice is then oriented towards bulky rings to easily transport the largest possible quantity of gold.

All this will therefore contribute to making the tank ring very popular. Most major jewelry houses will produce many models, varying the lines and patterns.

It was not until the early 50s that this fashion dried up. The trend will shift towards thinner and more discreet models and the production of tank rings will gradually stop in a few years.

Among used rings, the tank ring is quite sought after today. Its particular style is not too dated and its geometric lines make it a modern ring quite appreciated.

How to recognize a used tank ring?

The second-hand tank ring offer remains quite large even if, over time, these models of rings have become rare. Nevertheless, in recent years, they have regularly returned to the second-hand market.

It is quite easy to recognize a used tank ring model. It is characterized essentially by its volume and in particular a cubic or rectangular shape, with finely chiseled lines. In addition, the production of that time was made only of yellow gold. You won't find used tank rings in white or rose gold!

Finally, most second-hand tank ring models include set stones (many emeralds, but also sapphires or onyx) as well as small-sized diamonds implanted around the stones or in a line to draw a pattern.

Finally, it is the certification by a professional like those of our teams of experts who can bring you the certainty of a production of the ring between 1935 and 1950 to calmly affix the mention "tank".


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