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Our Top 5 purple jewelry

Our Top 5 purple jewelry

In recent years, the trends in the spotlight are colorful styles. Among the most fashionable colors, we distinguish purple. This color is associated with luxury, because it has been identified with royalty and the Catholic Church since the Middle Ages. The most popular gem for this color isamethyst, although there is also the purple sapphire and some other ornamental stones of this color as well.

Amethyst, the reference purple stone

It is a very popular fine stone in jewelry due to its beauty and characteristics. This variety of purple quartz, essentially composed of silicon dioxide, was once used by the Romans in making cups for drinking wine, because it would prevent drunkenness.
Today, amethyst represents a fashionable gem, appreciated by the most distinguished women. For good reason, it wonderfully decorates all kinds of jewelry such as ringscollars or even the bracelets giving them shine and easily integrates with clothing styles. Its color shades range from pale mauve to dark purple. If this gemstone has been very fashionable in recent years, it is because it has a timeless charm that brings a colorful touch to outfits, but also because it is a very popular color and therefore the reference stone to represent it on a quality jewelry.


The color purple on vintage jewelry

If amethyst remains the reference stone for this color, other stones are also appreciated for their purple color tone. Colored sapphire is often found pink, yellow or green but is also found in purple sapphire. This stone compared to amethyst has the advantage of being more brilliant (higher refractive index) and more resistant to scratches than amethyst, which makes it a more durable and precious stone.

Spinel also exists in purple color, with characteristics quite similar to those of sapphire.

Other stones are also purple in color but less sought after or common on vintage jewelry, but you may have the opportunity to come across purple fluorites, and as ornamental stones lilac jade, sugilite or charoite .


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