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Our Top 5 purple jewelry

Cn recent years, the trends highlighted are colorful styles. Among the most fashionable colors, purple stands out. This color is associated with luxury. The most popular gem for this color isamethyst, although there is also the purple sapphire and some other ornamental stones of this color as well.
Amethyst evokes mystery, magic and spirituality. This beautiful soft color that is both electric and sober also symbolizes creativity and intellect. Its beauty and the virtues attributed to it make it a very popular trendy color in jewellery, we find this color a lot for example on jewellery. Pomellato Nudo or the tutti frutti of Bulgari For example. We find more and more jewelry in purple stones.

Amethyst, the reference purple stone

It is a very popular fine stone in jewelry due to its beauty and characteristics. This variety of purple quartz, essentially composed of silicon dioxide, was once used by the Romans in making cups for drinking wine, because it would prevent drunkenness.
Today, amethyst represents a fashionable gem, appreciated by the most distinguished women. For good reason, it wonderfully decorates all kinds of jewelry such as rings, collars or even the bracelets giving them shine and easily integrates with clothing styles. Its color shades range from pale mauve to dark purple. If this gemstone has been very fashionable in recent years, it is because it has a timeless charm that brings a colorful touch to outfits, but also because it is a very popular color and therefore the reference stone to represent it on a quality jewelry.