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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

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Second-hand Dinh Van jewelry: a modern and original universe

The Dinh Van jewelry house offers the advantage of undoubtedly combining modernity and elegance with real French know-how. Fairly recent in comparison with the old traditional houses, it has a freer creativity not hindered by old collections. This gives second-hand Dinh Van jewelery a very contemporary and hardly dated touch which partly explains its great success. A second-hand Dinh Van jewel is therefore always an excellent choice to afford very modern high quality at a reasonable price.

Dinh Van: creative and contemporary luxury

Dinh Van is not the oldest of the French haute-joaillerie houses, but certainly one of the most dynamic. Since its creation in 1965, it has been able to shake up the codes and traditions of a refined art, but sometimes a little sclerotic. The house Dinh Van was able to offer square rings, pendants with original patterns or refined bracelets that could surprise at the time.

Despite this avant-garde modernism, the brand quickly found its audience both in Paris and across borders. Today, these contemporary lines do not really surprise any more and are really in fashion. They are suitable for evenings and to accompany very chic outfits as well as to be worn more informally during the day.

The second-hand Dinh Van jewel has a lot of enthusiasts, because it is not dated, is always in tune with the times and is easy to wear. In addition, the price ranges of second-hand Dinh Van jewelry remain very affordable and make it easy to afford high quality French jewelry for a modest investment.

Find the second-hand Dinh Van jewel that suits you

With the wide choice offered by the jewelry house Dinh Van, there will inevitably be a second-hand jewel which you like.

You will have the choice between many rings for example. The used Dinh Van rings are known for their square shapes, but there are also some with more classic shapes. However, they remain very modern in their design or thanks to the use of a particularly beautiful white gold. The “Ariane” collection is particularly sought after with a ring placed obliquely on a cylinder and often studded with small diamonds.

As for the bracelets, the brand's models play the card of finesse. Most of used Dinh Van bracelets that we can find come from the collection "Lock" in the shape of rushes, in gold, and with a small clever closure.

You will also find a wide choice of necklaces and pendants. The vast majority of used Dinh Van necklaces are very fine and elegant, featuring round pendants pierced in the center or decorated with pearls.

As we can see, there really is a huge choice of styles among the used Dinh Van jewelry that we can present to you. It will therefore be easy to find the one that suits your desires and your budget. In addition, they are all appraised by our team of specialists and are delivered to you in impeccable condition!


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