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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Rolex Women's and Men's Watches

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Unequaled class with a Rolex watch for women and men

Do you want to treat yourself with a beautiful branded watch? Are you looking for a gift idea to celebrate a great occasion? You are in the right place ! At the house of 58 Facettes, we offer a wide selection of Rolex watches for women and men, at very competitive prices. Wearing a Rolex watch means demonstrating elegance in all circumstances. Of course, you have to choose a model that matches your tastes and your outfit. Quickly browse our catalog to discover our most beautiful Rolex watches for women and men!

An extensive catalog of Rolex watches for women and men

Our Rolex watches are available in a wide variety of models. There arewhite gold version likeyellow gold, leather bracelets or metal bracelets, Arabic numerals or Roman numerals... You are therefore spoiled for choice to indulge yourself with a ladies' and men's Rolex watch that will sublimate your wrist for the next few years.

Let yourself be tempted by a designer model in steel, with an oyster bracelet, a folding clasp and a unidirectional black bezel. Rather discreet, this Rolex women's and men's watch can be worn easily on all occasions.

And why not a small, elegant watch, with a bezel adorned with diamonds and ruby ? These precious stones have a beautiful symbolism, since the diamond represents eternity, lasting love or purity. For its part, the ruby ​​is synonymous with happiness, charity and courage. It is therefore a colorful Rolex women's and men's watch that you will wear on your wrist!

Among our selection of Rolex watches, you can also let yourself be tempted by a model entirely in yellow gold, a very traditional material, which goes well with all types of elegant outfits. With the date at three o'clock and the day displayed at twelve o'clock, it is a Rolex women's and men's watch with finely crafted details.

Rolex watches: elegance at its peak

The Rolex brand specializes in luxury watches and was founded in 1905. It marvelously combines watchmaking and luxury and Rolex is now renowned throughout the world.

In 1927, the Rolex Oyster model was released, and it was a real revolution in the world of watchmaking, since it was the first waterproof watch. In 1928, Rolex made new fans with a watch with a double dial.

But Rolex also knows how to put its talents at the service of sport, because the brand quickly began to offer special watches for sports professions, such as aviation, diving or mountaineering. Keeping style while playing sports is possible with Rolex!

Rolex is distinguished by its avant-garde spirit that has followed it since its inception. Specialized in luxury watches since its creation, the house of Rolex continues to innovate by offering its customers new and ever more elegant models.

Used Rolex watches in very good condition

At 58 Facettes, we offer a wide selection of Rolex women's and men's watches, in very good condition. However, these are second-hand luxury jewels, which have already spent many years on the wrist of

their previous owners! Depending on the models, our Rolex watches may also have accompanied athletes in the most important challenges of their lives.

In general, Rolex watches were given on special occasions, such as engagements, weddings, or even baptisms. When they were not sleeping peacefully in their velvet case, they then accompanied their owner during each of the major events that punctuated his life. These are accessories that have a soul, a story.

As soon as we receive new brand watches, but also necklaces, earrings, necklaces or even rings, the jewels pass through the hands of our experts. They are thus carefully cleaned and checked. This is why we only offer you authenticated jewellery, in excellent condition.

You did not find the Rolex watch for women and men you were looking for among our selection? Good news: we often receive new products, which you can consult in our "Latest arrivals". Get into the habit of going there regularly: you will end up finding your favorite watch, in perfect condition! To facilitate your research, we have set up a filter with checkboxes.

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