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Second-hand Pomellato ring: the magic of beautiful stones

The Italian brand Pomellato may be younger than many of its competitors in the world of jewelry, yet it quickly gained a reputation for excellence. She is indeed known for jewelry very often adorned with precious stones of beautiful sizes. This is particularly the case with its rings where lovers of topaz, amethyst or quartz can find many models to their liking. In addition, second-hand Pomellato rings have the particularity of never going out of fashion thanks to their simple shapes: this makes them particularly popular purchases.

Pomellato: Italian luxury

Founded in the Italian capital of fashion, in 1967, Pomellato was the little Thumb of global jewelry. Through hard work and constant production of quality, Pomellato has won its letters of nobility. Even if it does not compete on a world level with the fame of the big luxury brands, it is nevertheless very appreciated by connoisseurs. Its ever-increasing popularity makes it quite a sought-after brand among people who love a timeless and classic form of jewelry.

Indeed, Pomellato differs a little from other brands by a very quickly recognizable style. For all of her jewelry, she favors simple and rather round and soft shapes. It is rare to see Pomellato jewelry with convoluted shapes, twists or an intricate design.

This is the case with Pomellato rings often made of a cylindrical ring and mounted with beautiful round stones of a fairly large size. This quickly identifiable trademark has made second-hand Pomellato rings sought-after pieces for their timeless classicism and immediate beauty.

Treat yourself with a second-hand Pomellato ring

When we are looking for a beautiful second-hand ring we come across many models of well-known jewelry houses and, but also less famous brands such as Pomellato. Yet invariably, second-hand Pomellato rings catch the eye.

It must be said that with their main use of yellow or rose gold in always warm colors and beautiful round and fairly large stones, they offer a form of inimitable romanticism.

Whether it is a beautiful rose gold ring topped with a beautifully effected pale blue topaz, a yellow gold ring with a lemon-tinted quartz stone or even a faceted purple amethyst on a rose gold ring, the charm is often at the rendezvous.

You can also find among our offers second-hand Pomellato rings with a superb combination of jet and diamonds, a tourmaline set in pink gold or a white gold ring set with diamonds which surround a beautiful amethyst of a resplendent blue.

Models of a more classic style are also available, but they still have that rather little imitated Pomellato style which has the advantage of going to most hands and pleasing all generations of refined and elegant women. And of course, all these models of second-hand rings are offered at the fairest price and are authenticated by our experts.


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