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Second-hand pearl jewellery: a nice gift to offer

The pearl is an essential part of feminine adornment. A symbol of eternity and grace, this delicate jewel is always highly sought after. Today, affording yourself or offering a second-hand pearl jewel is all that is easier with the selection of our platform. You will surely find your happiness there!

The pearl: a long history in jewelery

The pearl has been used since antiquity in jewelry. It was, for example, a tradition in rather wealthy Roman families to acquire pearls each year so that the young girls of the house could wear a pearl necklace as adults.

Since that time, the pearl has been worn in various ways: as pendants, on a necklace, on the wrist with a bracelet or on a ring or in earrings. Over the years, pearls have been more or less fashionable, but they have always remained sure values ​​of quality jewellery.

Today, a distinction is made between natural pearls (which are very rare and extremely expensive), cultured pearls (the most widely used), compound pearls or imitation pearls (avoided in quality jewellery). In addition, it is necessary to distinguish their origin since these can come from sea water or fresh water.

The value of a pearl is a function of various parameters such as its symmetry, its brilliance, its size, its color and its weight. However, shine remains an important characteristic for jewelers who generally look for its shine to highlight the jewel and the skin texture of the wearer.

Today, pearl jewelery is back in fashion and pearls are easily incorporated into the contemporary creations of jewelery houses. Nevertheless, older jewels are also popular and many second-hand pearl jewels end up on the market. second-hand jewel where they are very popular.

Used pearl jewelry of all kinds

When you choose to offer a magnificent second-hand jewel with pearl, one of the great advantages is to have a very important choice, as much by the type, the style or the brand of the jewel.

You will find a large number of second-hand pearl rings, but there are also many second-hand necklaces that incorporate pearls and also second-hand pendants with pearls. Bracelets are perhaps a little less common in the older production of second-hand jewelry, however there are still quite a few second-hand bracelets with beads that are beautiful to wear. Finally, you will of course find a very large number of second-hand earrings with pearls, whether unique or in small numbers. It is a staple of most Parisian jewelry houses and in particular the oldest ones which have always been keen to create quite unique models of earrings.

Of course, on the brand side for these second-hand jewels with pearls, the biggest houses are present and you will thus find the opportunity to be able to acquire pieces from Chaumet, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, or Tiffany & Co like also houses like Mauboussin, Chopard, Cartier, Chanel, Fred, Poiray or even Hermès.

In any case, know that our teams of professionals take particular care not only to ensure the authenticity of these jewels, but also to check the quality of the pearl, its luster and its physical integrity in order to offer you still decades of pleasure to wear your second-hand jewel with pearl.


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