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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
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Cartier Women's Brooches

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    Cartier brooches, jewels that accompany all collections

    Entering high society thanks to Princess Mathilde in 1856, the Maison Cartier began to be recognized beyond the borders. This high jewelry house evolves and offers collections with geometric, colorful and abstract shapes. It was in 1914 that the panther motif appeared for the first time. The Maison Cartier crosses eras and time while always keeping its role as a pioneer. Cartier brooches welcome, like rings or bracelets, diamonds and precious stones in an unmistakable style.

    Cartier brooches, nuggets to wear like a treasure

    Among our many used jewelry, you will find the Cartier brooches. A jewel that is slowly coming back into fashion and yet has never left its place in the big jewelry houses. Cartier brooches like brooches from other luxury jewelers are worn like a treasure. This jewel attaches to the collar of a jacket or shirt or delicately closes a neckline. Less often coveted than earrings, bracelets or rings, Cartier brooches are however regaining center stage. In white, yellow or pink gold, set with diamonds or not, Cartier brooches do not go unnoticed. Let yourself be tempted by wearing a brooch from our Cartier collection. On the left or right side of your outfit, the brooch dresses up a simple outfit in a jiffy. Easy to install and with a security, the brooch can sometimes even replace a necklace or a pendant. And why not match your favorite pair of Cartier earrings with the pretty brooch from the same collection?

    Cartier brooches over the years

    From collection to collection, Cartier offers increasingly innovative and sumptuous jewelry. The Maison Cartier is always surrounded by the greatest jewelers who never stop innovating. It never loses its place as a great precursor of modern art within luxury jewelry. Sometimes in New York, sometimes in London or Paris, Cartier grew and offered jewels, each one more beautiful than the next. Cartier brooches go from geometric and abstract shapes to more figurative jewels as with the Panthère de Cartier collection or that of the Liberated Bird. From signed jewelry which occupy an important place on our online sales site, you will find Cartier brooches from old and recent collections. Although they are used jewelry, they have lost none of their value or even their charm. From the Art Deco style to the more figurative genre as with the Clou de Cartier collection, the jewelry house offers brooches for all occasions.

    Cartier brooches made with exceptional know-how

    No one is unaware that the Maison Cartier surrounds itself with the best jewelers in the world. Constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques, the Maison Cartier nevertheless remains a jeweler with exceptional know-how. Whether for transparency, size, assembly and even threading, Cartier offers perfectly balanced and majestically cared for jewelry. Light exists in each of the creations like the balance of volumes and the harmony of colors. Cartier jewelry works with diamonds and precious stones like no other luxury jewelry store. Whether Cartier brooches or other jewels from Maison Cartier, the brand has its own signature. No one can confuse it with any other jewelry house, however well known it may be.

    Cartier brooches, refurbished second-hand jewelry

    Whether among our novelties or in all of our signed jewelry, you can buy your Cartier brooch without fear. Even though the brooch is second-hand, it comes with a certificate of authentication. We are committed to offering you jewelery analyzed and scrutinized by our professional experts. You can without fear of being deceived, make the purchase of the jewel of your dreams. The gold in which the brooch is shaped like the precious stones or the diamonds that dress it are, before being put on sale, checked. You can now browse through our online store to find the Cartier brooch you want!


    Do you want to sell a Cartier brooch that you no longer wear? Did you know ? You can sell your jewelry on 58 Facettes. We offer a free consignment service for your jewellery, which is fast and fluid. We offer a service for the resale of your jewelry, or to have a Cartier brooch appraised or estimated.

    Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of taking a photo, describing the jewelry and putting it online on our site, highlighting it on our social networks and in our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

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