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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Cartier Men's Cufflinks

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Make a splash with Cartier cufflinks!

Wearing cufflinks allows you to assert your style. So when it comes to Cartier cufflinks, it's the pinnacle of elegance and distinction and sophistication. Cufflinks have various advantages. For example, when they are colored, they bring a touch of pep to an outfit. These small accessories also have the main function of tightening the sleeves of a shirt, in order to refine them at the level of the wrists. Take a tour of our selection of Cartier cufflinks now and stand out with models that look like you!

Cartier cufflinks for all tastes

The Cartier cufflinks that you can admire in our online store are available in a wide variety of models. There is something for every taste ! White gold, yellow gold, cufflinks adorned with lapis lazuli, diamonds, or even sapphires. Did you know that all these precious metals and minerals have a symbolism? For instance, White gold is synonymous with purity and elegance, while we associate yellow gold power, wealth and power. For his part, the guide is the most sought after gemstone. It is called the stone of reconciliation and it is the symbol of purity, eternal love and unity. Finally, the sapphire sports a beautiful deep blue that will delight romantics. the sapphir is a symbol of truth, peace, wisdom and faithfulness.

Let yourself be tempted by Cartier cufflinks from the "Panthère" collection, the height of distinction. You can also opt for very discreet cufflinks, or for accessories in the shape of a small elephant. It's up to you to choose according to your personality and the outfit you want to wear.

Cartier cufflinks for all occasions

Cartier cufflinks are worn on special occasions. They are luxury accessories, which go perfectly with a suit and an elegant shirt.

If you are getting married soon, Cartier cufflinks will make a splash with your outfit of the day. Moreover, you can ask your witnesses or your groomsmen to match with you by choosing cufflinks of the same color.

Do you have an important business meeting? Order Cartier cufflinks now from our online store. Dressed in a very distinguished way, you will feel particularly comfortable during this interview!

Are you looking for a gift idea for the man in your life? If it's someone who appreciates refinement and luxury jewellery, look no further: Cartier cufflinks will put stars in their eyes.

Our wide selection of pre-owned Cartier cufflinks

You will find on our online store 58 Facettes a wide selection of second-hand Cartier cufflinks. Please note, "used" does not mean in poor condition. Indeed, these Cartier cufflinks have nothing to envy to new collections, since they have been carefully checked by our experts. After cleaning them, our specialists 58 Facettes have authenticated the Jewelry, in order to be able to certify that these are indeed branded accessories.

Our Cartier cufflinks have therefore already lived through the first page of their history and are ready to write the next one by your side. They are luxury jewels with a soul, which meant a lot to their previous owners. Often from an inheritance, they come into our hands to regain their former glory.

Our Cartier cufflinks are in excellent condition because their owners have always taken great care of them. They only took them out on special occasions (family reunions, for example, communion, weddings, etc.) and the rest of the time, stored them carefully in their soft case, protected from shocks such as dust and variations. of temperature.

Are you looking for Cartier cufflinks with a specific pattern? You should know that we often receive new models, which are offered for sale after having undergone a thorough examination in the hands of our experts. Remember to regularly consult our new products and do not hesitate to use the filter system that we have made available to you.