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A unique diamond cut: the “LV Monogram Star”

A unique diamond cut: the “LV Monogram Star”

Louis Vuitton pushes the boundaries of innovation in the field of jewelry by presenting in its new LV Diamonds collection an exclusive diamond cut called the LV Monogram Star, the diamond represents the logo and therefore is specially designed for the house.

A symbolic size of the house

The design of this particular cut diamond required several years of research and development on the part of Louis Vuitton. To achieve optimal brilliance and achieve the perfect symmetry required for the four petals and four indentations of an LV Monogram Star diamond, rare crafts and know-how dear to the French trunk maker were mobilized.

Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of jewelry and watches at Louis Vuitton, designed the new LV Diamonds line, which unveils 22 creations celebrating the universal beauty of diamonds.

Louis Vuitton's jewelry collections include collars, rings, earrings and other dazzling creations showcasing precious stones. However, what stands out most about this distinctive line is Monogram's unique flower-shaped diamond cut. 

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