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Love story: Valentine's Day (2/2)

Love story: Valentine's Day (2/2)

We unveiled the last week a first selection for the Valentine. Let's discover other designer jewelry that will make the hearts of women and men beat faster.

Fusional love

To seal our love, why not wear a piece of jewelry that evokes your other half? Les Pierres de Julie offers a magnificent pendant with two intertwined hearts from the house of Poiray in yellow gold which will symbolize the strength of your feelings.
Poiray intertwined heart pendant - Les Pierres de Julie on 58 Facettes
You and Me Venus Ring - Ilona Orel on 58 Facettes
The designer Ilona Orel unveils her Toi & Moi Venus and Mars rings, adorned with a cross and an arrow evoking femininity and masculinity that are so complementary.
Agathe Saint Girons suggests that we write a poem or a secret message on 50 centimeters of gold or silver, rolled up and forming her Spiralus ring.
Spiralus ring - Agathe Saint Girons on 58 Facettes
Vice and Virtue Pendant Ring - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
Anne Bourat baptizes her signet ring "Vice and Virtue" offering intimate messages on the back and set with a wiser lapis lazuli on the front.
Real jewels with a message, the Non or Yes rings of Witness of the End immediately set the tone.
Ring Yes - Witness of the End on the fact 58 Facettes
Camille Gold Ring - Annie Sibert on 58 Facettes
And to evoke tears of joy, Annie Sibert created the square Camille ring in gold and cut in the shape of a precious drop to pass your finger through.
Like a cozy little nest, Thomas Arabian's emerald heart pendant is adorned with an emerald nestled in a Tahitian pearl.
Emerald Heart Pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Topaz Necklace - Arthur Gudsonn on 58 Facettes
And why not be a little blue flower with a luminous blue topaz as a pendant at Arthur Gudsonn?
Many bracelets evoke close love, such as the Saint-Germain bracelet by Marina Cabanel Joaillerie with two intertwined arcs.
Cordon Saint Germain Bracelet - Marina Cabanel on 58 Facettes
Nugget bracelet - Laurence Oppermann on 58 Facettes
Laurence Oppermann reminds us that love is precious like a nugget with her little gold bracelets on a textile link.
Manal Paris favors the refined forms of Art Deco and suggests combining its custom-made rings with simple flat or half-ring wedding bands because often: less is more.
Flat rose gold wedding ring - Manal Paris on 58 Facettes

Love and fresh water

Le Clou i - LAH earrings on 58 Facettes
For young couples, 58 Facettes unearthed jewelry on a budget because the important thing is also the intention. Start by offering small flowers adorning designer LAH's ear studs. These little studs can be complemented by Entourer rings with the same floral motifs.
Evoking the plant world, Yasmin Yahya's Forest earrings in blackened silver bring an artistic touch to your declaration of love.
Forest earrings - Yasmin Yahya on 58 Facettes
Mini Madeleine ring - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
To share memories or delicacies, why not choose Anne Bourat's Mini Madeleine ring, referring to Proust of course.
The tree of life is a nice symbol to start a love story as we like to remember Mademoiselle AD who engraves it in mother-of-pearl from Tahiti or the South Seas.
Tree of Life Bracelet - Mademoiselle AD on the fact 58 Facettes
Osier ring - Estelle Terrisse on 58 Facettes
With her Osier ring, Estelle Terrisse evokes the weft of a life that we weave together; just like the preciousness of life implicitly imagined by Emylienne Joaillerie.
To leave on good hospices, one can invoke Les Chouettes de Jez Debugey or precious shells in earrings of Art and Gold.
Les Chouettes bracelet - Jez Debugey on 58 Facettes
Mini Kdo Bracelet - Marina Cabanel on 58 Facettes
Simple little bracelets on a cord can be precious messages like the Mini KDO by Marina Cabanel Joaillerie which features a gold gift package or even the Silver Nuggets by Laurence Oppermann.
The Gina Wood earrings by Jérôme de Stefano evoke the look of the 60s with the famous actress Gina Lollobrigida who knew how to seduce the whole planet.
Gina Wood earrings - Jérôme de Stefano on 58 Facettes

Love with a capital H

Barbarian Iron Eye Ring - Unique by Schaix on the fact 58 Facettes
Finally a site that highlights men's jewelry! The famous couturier Eric Schaix has specially created a line of jewelry Unique by Schaix to showcase character stones. Her Barbarian ring is adorned with an iron eye cabochon with captivating inclusions.
Evoking the ancient era, Delicata offers us a real Roman coin, mounted in pendant and set with a small ruby ​​to make your heart beat.
Necklace Postume - Delicata on 58 Facettes
Centurion Bracelet - Elegance GS on the fact 58 Facettes
Let's stick to the Roman Empire with the Centurion bracelet fromElegance GS. A gold sword, set with diamonds to elegantly designate your beloved.
Philip Oliver Paris also refers to the symbolic value of the nail witnessing beliefs, history and the evolution of cultures. The silver nail ring can also symbolize the importance of a union.
Irreducible Silver Ring - Philip Oliver Paris on 58 Facettes
Rock Wood Flat Bangle Bracelet - Jérôme de Stefano on 58 Facettes
In homage to nature and the olive trees of his native Italy, discover the Wood collection by Jérôme de Stefano which reproduces the effect of the bark of wood on his numerous jewels: bracelets, pendants, signet rings, double wedding rings.
Béhin's Roc rings for men with rock reliefs evoke the protective man, solid as a rock and playing on the contrast of silver and gold.
Roc Silver and Gold signet ring - Delphine Béhin on 58 Facettes
Bermuda pendant - Witness of the End on the fact 58 Facettes
Summoning the mysterious elements, Witness of the End offers a Bermuda pendant. It traps a tourmaline in the heart of a triangular silver coral frame.
Mixed jewels like the Saturne bracelet by Ursul Paris allow you to share fetish creations in yellow gold or ruthenium silver for a more virile finish.
Saturn X men's bangle bracelet - Ursul on 58 Facettes
Men's silver and smoky quartz signet ring - Philomène Thebault on 58 Facettes
Let's dare stones with Yasmin Yahia and her silver ring, studded with luminous tsavorites or with Philomène Thebault and her silver signet ring, set with a smoky quartz.
In life, sometimes the balance of a couple is like a tightrope walker for Romain Beaumont who creates cable bracelets, adorned with precious stones or engraved Tahitian pearls.
Black Diamond Tightrope Walker Bracelet - Romain Beaumont on 58 Facettes
VIP Monoï Tribal Bracelet - JDL Paris on 58 Facettes
Let's finish with JDL Paris, which likes to symbolize love with the roundness of the Tahitian pearl, illuminated at its heart by a precious stone. Let yourself be tempted for Valentine's Day!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Rose Gold Flat Men's Alliance - Manal Paris
Photo 1: Intertwined Heart Pendant - Les Pierres de Julien
Photo 2: Ring You and Me Venus White Gold - Ilona Orel
Photo 3: Gold & Silver Spiralus Ring - Agathe Saint Girons
Photo 4: Ring/Pendant "Vice and Virtue" - Anne Bourat
Photo 5: Ring Yes - Witness of the End
Photo 6: Camille Gold ring - Annie Sibert
Photo 7: Emerald Heart Pendant - Thomas Arabian
Photo 8: Topaz Necklace - Arthur Gudsonn
Photo 9: Cordon Saint Germain - Marina Cabanel
Photo 10: Nugget bracelet - Laurence Oppermann
Photo 11: Rose Gold Flat Men's Alliance - Manal Paris
Photo 12: Le Clou I - LAH
Photo 13: Forest long earrings - Yasmin Yahya
Photo 14: "Mini Madeleine" ring - Anne Bourat
Photo 15: Tahitian Tree of Life Gold & Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet - Mademoiselle AD
Photo 16: Osier ring - Estelle Terrisse
Photo 17: Bracelet "Les Chouettes" Collection - Jez Debugey
Photo 18: "Mini Kdo" bracelet - Marina Cabanel
Photo 19: Gina Wood earrings - Jérôme de Stefano
Photo 20: Iron Eye Barbarian Ring - Unique by Schaix
21 Photo: Ruby Postume Necklace - Delicata
Photo 22: Centurion bracelet - Elegance GS
Photo 23: Irreducible Silver Ring - Philip Oliver Paris
Photo 24: Flat Bangle Rock Wood Bracelet - Jérôme de Stefano
Photo 25: Signet ring Roc Silver and Gold - Delphine Béhin
Photo 26: Bermuda pendant - Witness of the End
Photo 27: Saturn X Men's Bangle Bracelet - Ursul Paris
Photo 28: Men's signet ring, silver and smoky quartz - Philomène Thebault
Photo 29: Black Diamond "Tightrope Walker" bracelet - Romain Beaumont
Photo 30: Tribal Monoï VIP bracelet - JDL Paris

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