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Valentine's Day: the 58 ways to say "I love you"! (1/2)

Valentine's Day: the 58 ways to say "I love you"! (1/2)

In France, the Valentine is reserved for lovers and this is the opportunity to declare your love. Let's find out through the site 58 Facettes, the various jewelry messages that you could send to your loved one.

Open heart

What could be more noble than the symbol of the heart to make that of his beloved beat? And since the diamond is eternal, you might as well set this precious stone par excellence to create pavings or cut the stone in the shape of a heart.
Love Me earrings - Lucky One on 58 Facettes
Van Cleef & Arpels earrings - Miller on 58 Facettes
And why not put a little color in life with blue sapphires, yellow sapphires to luminous peridots.
The symbolism of the heart inspired the designer Anne Bourat who made several versions of her “Souls sisters” model. Made up of two interlocking hearts, the jewel turns into a fruit called love in a cage symbolizing protection and security.
Soul mates pendant - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
L'Amour pendant - LAH on 58 Facettes
The designer LAH imagined a medallion pendant, baptized L'Amour and engraved with the words "to embrace, to embrace, to surround" in the shape of a spiral retracing the whirlwind of life.

Marry me

And why not dare to propose on Valentine's Day? In the shape of a heart-catcher, the Accroche-Toi ring by Wilfrid Deydier symbolizes the fusion of two beings who help each other despite a tumultuous life creating volutes of gold and adorned with a ruby.
Accroche-Toi ring - Wilfrid Deydier on 58 Facettes
New Bulles ring - Mathon Paris on 58 Facettes
Another playful creation: the New Bulles ring from Mathon Paris evokes a sparkling life for young lovers. Available in shades of colors, the thin rings can be combined and create a real duo.
FLAV's Marry-Me ring is set with rainbow colored stones symbolizing the absolute happiness of being next to your beloved.
Marry Me at Summer ring - FLAV on 58 Facettes
Blue Storm Ring - Tiber Joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Tiber's Blue Storm ring, adorned with tanzanite and diamonds, is inspired by the small windmills of our childhood and symbolizes faithful love through thick and thin.
Many models of solitaires are available with classic shapes or fully paved.
Darling ring - Arié Mergui on 58 Facettes
Solitaire square - Philoème Thebault on 58 Facettes
Some jewelers like to revisit the solitaire with a fleur-de-lys at Mademoiselle AD, a square shape at Philomène Thebault or a drilled diamond at Les Filles en or.
The colored stones bring a touch of personality, such as the brownish-yellow diamond adorning the Lorette ring by Karine Chedid or the hot pink sapphire on the Nilaveli ring by Avani Paris.
Lorette ring - Karine Chedid on 58 Facettes

Let's be blue flower

Isora cord bracelet - Atelier Mallez sur 58 Facettes
To be even more romantic, say it with flowers! The message is particularly evocative when the flowers are precious. Atelier Mallez has created its own Isora flower for the occasion, evoking peony, camellia and rose. In openwork gold, the flower is held by a simple silk cord for a bracelet or a gold chain for a pendant.
Particularly lush, the Glycine ring by Mathon Paris creates a veritable bouquet on your finger, set with shades of pink sapphires and diamonds.
Glycine ring - Mathon Paris on 58 Facettes
Necklace Salina Fleur - Vangelder Création on 58 Facettes
Vangelder Création proposes to revisit the famous daisy, hung this time in the form of a pendant, set with an emerald and diamonds.
Tahitian cultured pearls evoke carnivorous flowers at Thomas Arabian or a delicate flower at Yasmin Yahya.
Dioneas ring - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Sakura ring - Witness of the End on 58 Facettes
The cherry blossom, which symbolizes renewal, inspires Anaïs Rheiner to create delicate gold earrings or the brand Witness of the end with her Sakura ring adorned with a pink tourmaline on silver.
Exotic flowers like the water lily inspire a ring with double foliage at Amandine Jannin Paris or a ring made up of an old bezel affixed to a contemporary setting at Anne Bourat.
Coupole ring - Amandine Jannin on 58 Facettes
Earrings - Atelier Christely on 58 Facettes
We can count fleurette with the trio of rings by Marina Cabanel or the petals of diamonds by Arié Mergui. We can be more blue flower with the small flowers in engraved turquoise and amethysts of theAtelier Christely or be more fusion with the LAH Surround ring.
The Art Nouveau period paid marvelous homage to nature, as Emylienne Joaillerie likes to remind us, who proposes to transform old jewelery with modern settings.
Eclose hoops - Emylienne Joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Van Cleef & Arpels earrings - De Belormont on 58 Facettes
And why not treat yourself to a renowned brand at Miller with its Chanel Fil de Camélia ring in pearls and diamonds or at De Belormont with its luminous Fleur earrings in sapphire and citrines by Van Cleef & Arpels?

Passionately red

Red is the color par excellence of love and passion. The designer Laurent Barateau offers his ring A Love Like Blood, set with a magnificent ruby ​​from Mozambique and adorned with diamonds to illuminate your love.
A Love Like Blood ring - Laurent Barateau on 58 Facettes
Opening Collection Ring - Nathalie Bonnemaille on 58 Facettes
Nathalie Bonnemaille symbolizes the encounter through her Ouverte ring, adorned with a gradation of rubies. Insolite Joaillerie innovates with unisex jewels like its H10 ring in the shape of a hexagon, paved with rubies or black diamonds to play like Stendhal on passion.
Thomas Arabian stages on a Divinity pendant a Welo opal from Ethiopia with mysterious and captivating lights, adorned with spinels and yellow sapphires.
Divinity Pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Marquise earrings - Vangelder Création on 58 Facettes
Vangelder Création offers a glamorous combination with its Marquise earrings, set with marquise rubies and diamonds.
Mathon Paris plays with the contrast of carnelian, mother-of-pearl and diamond for its Florin collection, evoking Italy and the mythical couple of Romeo and Juliet. Inspired by the square shape of pixels, Tropical Thursday declines the colors of spinels ranging from bright red to mauve.
Florin pendant - Mathon Paris on 58 Facettes
Vintage 1950 ruby ​​ring - Miller on 58 Facettes
For a vintage look, Maison Miller offers a Burmese ruby ​​on a ring 1950. The specialist in antique jewelry from Bordeaux, Art & Or presents a Tank ring 40s, while De Belormont in Paris unveils cognac diamonds on long drop earrings.
Also find the Accroche-Toi ring by Wilfrid Deydier and the Marry-Me rings by Flav and Present Perfect by Anne Bourat in their red dress to go dancing on your lover's arm.
Ring Present Perfect - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes

The rest of the Valentine's Day file awaits you next week!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: L'Amour pendant - LAH
Photo 1: Love Me earrings - Lucky One Jewerly
2 Photo: Van Cleef & Arpels "Heart" earrings - Miller
Photo 3: "Soulmates" Pendant Small Model - Anne Bourat
Photo 4: Love pendant - LAH
Photo 5: Hang On ring - Maison Wilfrid Deydier
Photo 6: New Bubbles ring - Mathon Paris
Photo 7: Marry Me Ring, At Summer - FLAV
Photo 8: Blue Storm Ring - Tiber Joaillerie
Photo 9: Darling ring - Arie Mergui
Photo 10: Square Solitaire - Philomene Thebault
Photo 11: Lorette ring - Karine Chedid
Photo 12: Isora cord bracelet - Atelier Mallez
Photo 13: Glycine ring - Mathon Paris
Photo 14: Salina Fleur Necklace - Vangelder Création
Photo 15: Dioneas ring - Thomas Arabian
Photo 16: Sakura ring - Witness of the End
Photo 17: Dome ring - Amandine Jannin
Photo 18: Ear jewelry - Atelier Christely
Photo 19: Eclose hoops - Emylienne Joaillerie
Photo 20: Van Cleef & Arpels Fleur earrings - De Belormont
Photo 21: A Love Like Blood ring - Laurent Barateau
Photo 22: Opening Collection ring - Nathalie Bonnemaille
Photo 23: Divinity pendant - Thomas Arabian
Photo 24: Marquise earrings - Vangelder Création
Photo 25: Florin pendant - Mathon Paris
26 Photo: Ring 1950 - Miller
Photo 27: Present Perfect White Paon Ring - Anne Bourat

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