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Women's stud earrings

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Stud earrings, between discretion and audacity

You are looking for earrings, but you hesitate for the style. Stud earrings have the great advantage of being able to dress both the lobe of your ear and your whole face. This style of earrings is suitable for discreet and modest women as well as for those with a more extravagant character. The majority of major jewelry houses make stud earrings to appeal to as many women as possible. They perfectly adorn the lobe of the ears and dress just as much as any other jewel.

Advantageous gems

When you choose to wear stud earrings, you are giving your jewelry a hold. Indeed, this style of earrings often covers the entire earlobe. You then feel less the weight of the jewel. The risk of your lobe deforming over time also decreases by wearing stud earrings. This kind of wonder also gives more volume and character. Your face radiates under the shine of the jewel. Stud earrings can be dangling or not. Some brands opt for surface working of the jewel. Some chips sometimes cover the entire earlobe. Depending on the style and your desires, you can choose more or less voluminous earrings. This kind of jewel is also perfect to highlight one or the other precious stone. Even a simple cultured pearl in an earring has an effect on the wearer. Stud earrings are also available in a more pendant style. Hanging proudly from the lobe of the ear, the jewel can extend into the length of the neck. Wander fearlessly through our large collection of used jewelry to find the perfect pair. Many stud earrings are presented on the site and the one you dream of is certainly there.

Jewelry that dresses

Stud earrings are often described as simple jewelry with no real added value. It is obvious that this information remains false. Stud earrings have this magical power to finish off an outfit perfectly. They stand proudly next to your face to discreetly or more daringly highlight the color of your eyes. This style of earrings is ideal for harnessing the strengths of a gemstone. Colorful gems usually adorn this kind of jewelry. Then choose the color of the stone to match the radiance of your eyes, the color of your skin or the nuances of your outfit. This kind of jewelry also matches the style or mood of the day. If you want to show elegance and reveal your charisma, prefer large and dangling stud earrings. If, on the contrary, you appreciate the discretion and the delicacy of a jewel, the cultured pearl transmits softness, but with a certain class. If, on the other hand, you want to combine brilliance, elegance and discretion, a simple diamond set in white gold or yellow gold will set the desired tone. Stud earrings exist for all styles and deliver the message you desire. They dress just as much as any other jewel. Rare are the major jewelry houses that do not present this gem in their various collections. Among our signed jewelry from the biggest jewelry brands, they are available for all occasions. Sometimes in a retro style, sometimes in a baroque or romantic style, stud earrings go through the ages without ever being neglected.

Certified wonders

Whether it's jewelry from major jewelry brands or vintage jewelry which have stood the test of time and years, they have all passed through the expert hands of our jewelery professionals. Each chip earring is analyzed and authenticated by professional experts. They scrutinize the jewelry, analyze the quality of the stones and metal and certify their historicity. You can with your eyes closed choose the pair of stud earrings you cherish without fear of its excellence. The value of each jewel reflects its quality and veracity. The era, the gold, the gems and the diamonds are all certified to then attest to their value. 

Take advantage now to browse through our many stud earrings available on our online store to find the one you dream of!

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