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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Women's dangling earrings

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Treat yourself to pretty dangling earrings

Drop earrings are very elegant pieces of jewelry, which go particularly well with round faces. They are available in a wide variety of models and you will find very designer and elegant dangling earrings as well as more discreet earrings, perfect with an everyday outfit. Precisely, you will discover on our platform a wide variety of second-hand dangling earrings. Whether to please yourself or to offer, you will be spoiled for choice! Let yourself be tempted by pretty curls adorned with amethyst, to add a touch of pep to your look. And why not classic pearls, for fans of traditional outfits?

Drop earrings for all tastes

The earrings second-hand women are among the most present jewels on our platform. They hold a special place in the hearts of many people, who like to wear them every day and for all occasions.

Whether you like discreet dangling earrings, or larger models, you will certainly find your favorite pair on our platform.

Let yourself be tempted by a model adorned with fine diamonds, falling in elegant droplets. There are also heart-shaped drop earrings, perfect for a Valentine's Day gift! And why not pretty jewelry adorned with a turquoise pearl? Both vintage and elegant, these earrings will enhance an outfit with a lot of charm. We offer many dangling earrings, from the most prestigious jewelry houses, which are adorned with precious stones. Between emerald and ruby, does your heart waver? You should know that these stones differ not only in color, but also in meaning. The emerald is generally offered on a forty-year wedding anniversary. It also symbolizes love and wisdom. As for the ruby, its flamboyant red hue recalls passion, courage and bravery.

For their part, pearls are timeless and timeless. They adorn all head shapes and enhance all types of hairstyles.

Moreover, you have to make a choice between white gold and yellow gold, even if some pairs of earrings combine these two precious metals. You will also find on our site dangling earrings in steel, silver or pink gold. Do not hesitate to offer yourself several pairs to vary the models according to your mood or your outfit of the day!

We regularly receive new models, which are carefully examined and authenticated by our experts before being offered for sale. Do not hesitate to come regularly to check our inventory: you may come across some favorite models that will adorn your favorite looks for decades to come!

Drop earrings from many brands

We offer you the most beautiful brands of dangling earrings! The Buccellati rub shoulders with the Bulgari, the Palace Van or the Cartiers, for your greatest pleasure. These are jewels of exceptional quality, the fruit of true craftsmanship. Their previous owners took great care of them for decades, and it is with emotion that we in turn pass on these jewels to you, so that they can write a new page in their history with you.

You will also find dangling earrings created in the luxurious houses of Piaget, Cartier, Susie Otero, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Gavello.

If you like classic style and French elegance, turn to second-hand dangling earrings. For their part, the Chanel earrings are always very stylish, without being too dated. As for the Bulgari dangling earrings, they are all cut to highlight the finesse of your facial features and illuminate your eyes.

The Dinh Van models will also enchant you, with their design that is both unconventional and minimalist. The Dinh Van pairs of dangling earrings move away from the classic style and will give a lot of character to your outfit. It's the perfect solution if you want to stand out, whether in your daily life or at fancy parties.