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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Chanel Women's Earrings

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Chanel earrings to enhance your outfits

Earrings are among women's favorite jewellery. Round or square, discreet or voluminous, they bring the final touch to an outfit. They are available in many styles and can be associated with all types of looks. Quickly discover the wide selection of second-hand Chanel earrings that we offer on our platform. Whether you are looking for a pair of earrings for yourself or to offer them to someone close to you, you will certainly find what you are looking for among our jewellery!

Chanel earrings for all tastes

Chanel earrings combine elegance and modernity in one of the most subtle combinations. Between white gold, yellow gold, black gold or pink gold, silver or vermeil, there is plenty to choose from. You can also opt for Chanel earrings adorned with precious stones, subtly encrusted. rubies, diamonds, saphirs, emeralds... Did you know that each of these precious stones has a meaning? For example, the ruby ​​symbolizes bravery, courage and serenity. To offer earrings adorned with rubies is to offer a real talisman to the person you love. As for the sapphire, it is a symbol of fidelity and wisdom.

Our Chanel earrings for women come in many shapes. There are dangling curls, perfect for slimming a round face, and small pearl-shaped curls, which illuminate the earlobe.

Let yourself be tempted by vintage models: jade and agates are very harmonious together! This is also the case for coral and jade. As for lapis lazuli, it will highlight light eyes.

Do you like to stand out? So how about Chanel earrings that feature an original shape? Some models are sculpted in the shape of ribbons, while others take on the appearance of pretty spring flowers. There are also Chanel earrings in the shape of four-leaf clovers: they can only bring you luck!

Most Chanel earrings have a clip closure system, but there are also models for pierced ears.

Chanel earrings for all occasions

Whether or not you have pierced ears, you will find among our Chanel selection of earrings for all circumstances. The luxurious jewelry house knows how to adapt to all occasions and offers a wide variety of jewelry. For example, you can opt for sumptuous diamonds that will light up your smile during a dressy evening. If you wear your hair up, dangling curls will enhance your head wear for an elegant outfit.

Would you like small Chanel earrings to wear every day? So let yourself be tempted by a thin and discreet model, which will easily match all types of outfits. Browse our selection of antique sleepers now. You can choose the color of the stone according to your eyes. Emerald enhances the radiance of brown eyes while sapphire emphasizes the depth of blue eyes.

As for cameo earrings, they are very trendy at the moment. Combine them with a vintage outfit, or on the contrary, a very modern one, to create the most explosive contrast.

Whatever the occasion, if you want to have a feminine and distinguished look, Chanel earrings are the jewelry for you! Between modernity, sobriety and French elegance, they add the little touch of sparkle that an outfit lacks and make it timeless.

Do not hesitate to match them with a mesh bracelet, vintage necklace or vintage Toi&Moi ring.

Quality second-hand jewelry

The former owners of our luxury Chanel jewelry have taken great care of them and all the earrings we offer on our platform are in excellent condition. They are jewels that have already lived, which have a history and have character. Here they are now ready to write a new page by your side! Whether you wear them every day or only on special occasions, they will bring a lot of elegance to your outfit.

Of course, our Chanel earrings have been thoroughly checked and authenticated by our experts before being offered for sale. We thus offer you iconic jewelry high quality, in perfect condition.

The French luxury brand has values ​​based on simplicity, creativity and elegance. Our Chanel earrings will not disappoint you!


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Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of taking a photo, describing the jewelry and putting it online on our site, highlighting it on our social networks and in our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

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