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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
Give your jewelry a second life: the transformation service

Give your jewelry a second life: the transformation service

Offer new youth to your Jewelry favorites, it is now possible thanks to the transformation service offered by many jewelers. Whether it is to modernize an old piece of jewelry, change its size or simply give it a new style, this option allows you to create a piece of jewelry that satisfies you more while retaining its sentimental value.

A range of possibilities

The possible transformations are numerous and varied. You can :

  • Change the size of a jewel: ring too big or too small, necklace too short or too long, everything can be adjusted to perfectly fit your body shape.
  • Merge multiple jewels to create a new unique jewel.


58 Facettes offers you a jewelry transformation service carried out by experienced and passionate partner jewelers. They will put all their know-how and expertise at your service to create a piece of jewelry that meets your requirements and respects the integrity of the original jewelry.

Who is it for?

The jewelry transformation service is aimed at everyone who wants to give new life to their favorite jewelry. Whether you are sentimentally attached to an old piece of jewelry or simply want to create a unique piece of jewelry in your image, this option is an economical and ecological alternative to purchasing new jewelry.

You just need to take appointment in the showroom or by video to discuss your project and your desires. 58 Facettes and its partners will advise you on the different options depending on the jewelry to be transformed, to find additional stones or stones adapted to your desires, before modeling the creation in a model, validating it with you and launching the manufacture of the jewelry. These different steps allow us to perfectly meet your expectations and create a unique and personal piece.



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