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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
Choosing the right ring size

Choosing the right ring size

Our instructions for use to know your finger size:

Have you just found the perfect ring online? Problem, you don't know the size of your fingers.

As with shoe sizes, you should calculate the ring size to avoid choosing jewelry that is too small or too large.
To guide you in this calculation, we offer several solutions.

Whether it is an engagement ring, a second-hand ring, or a new piece of jewelry that you want to give to a loved one or to yourself, it is important to understand how to choose the size of the ring. Ring.

Be aware that your ideal ring will not fit all fingers. Every hand is different and your left and right ring fingers are not necessarily the same. It will therefore be wise to take the size of each finger.

Use a paper ring sizer to know your finger size:

If you want to know your finger size very quickly, it is possible to use a paper ring sizer like this one.

You can print it and then find your finger size. Indeed each number corresponds to the diameter of the ring. Choose the one that matches your finger, it's that easy!

The paper ring sizer is also very practical for measuring the size of an already known ring by superimposing it on the different sizes. It's a very practical way to discreetly determine the finger size of a loved one so that you can give them a gift that will definitely be their size!

The most precise solution to measure your finger circumference: the metal ring sizer.

Request your free ring sizer 58 Facettes. We will send it to you by post within 2 working days.

Then you just have to try the different rings that compose it on your finger until you find the one that will be ideal.

The ring should fit snugly around your finger without squeezing you too tightly, let alone getting stuck on your finger.

In a few seconds you have the result and can place your order with the certainty of receiving a jewel in your size.

What if my ring no longer fits?

With some exceptions, the rings can be resized.

If you lose or gain weight, if you want to change the finger on which you wear your ring or if you want to size an old ring, our workshop is at your disposal to size your jewelry.

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