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What are maker's marks used for?

What are maker's marks used for?

Do not confuse titling marks with maker's marks! 

What is a maker's mark?

A maker's mark is a mark or symbol affixed to a precious metal object (gold, platinum, etc.) to indicate the identity of the workshop or the manufacturer jeweler who created the object. Maker's marks can take different forms, depending on the country and the era. For example, in France, hallmarks often include the initials of the jeweler or the workshop, in a diamond. In England, maker's marks often feature a crown, lion or letter indicating the year of manufacture.

What are maker's marks used for?

They make it possible to authenticate the workshop or the jeweler who made the object and as such have both intrinsic and historical value, when the jewelry is made by renowned craftsmen or brands: the jewelry can thus have a greater market value according to the origin proven by the hallmark. Maker's marks can also help piece together an object's history. By examining maker's marks and comparing them to historical records, it is sometimes possible to discover information about the date of manufacture, place of manufacture, and original owner of the object.
Georges Lenfant bracelet

Georges Lenfant's hallmark, an example of an exceptional hallmark

A punch with high added value!

If you find the hallmark of Georges Lenfant on one of your jewels, the latter is not only worth the weight of gold, but much more!
Master jeweler and marker of XNUMXth century French jewellery, Georges Lenfant is known for his exceptional gold work. Her jewels are often necklaces and bracelets with a finely chiselled, textured mesh, with a play of color combinations of different golds.


How to recognize a Georges Lenfant hallmark?

It has a very singular design, it is the letter G and L, with a dice surmounted by a bird's wing. Although his pieces are sold by big houses like Cartier et Van Cleef & Arpels, he will mark his jewels, after registering his hallmark in 1909, so that they are identifiable as originating from his workshop.
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