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58 Facettes : From the virtual site to a jewelery pop-up store

58 Facettes : From the virtual site to a jewelery pop-up store

Created by the two co-founders Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet, the first platform of E-commerce dedicated to the creators and craftsmen of Made in France jewelers is now launching into the creation of events. A large-scale development strategy in the service of French creativity.

Alexis Blez - 58 Facettes
Eric Thevenet - 58 Facettes
Alexis Blez
Eric Thevenet

With the second confinement, your service offer is even more impactful?

Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet: It is true that our sales site, dedicated to French creation, makes perfect sense today. We officially launched it in May 2020 and within 6 months we have already referenced 75 creators and artisan jewelers from all over France (Paris, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille, Reims, Hyères, Nantes…)! We want to provide a real solution to creators looking to develop online, beyond their own site and in-store sales.

Can you explain the services you offer?

Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet: We offer a global marketing offer by relaying the site 58 Facettes extremely active on social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and SEO on Google. Since September, we have also launched with you (Kyra Brenzinger, journalist specialized in jewelry), the web-magazine 58 Facettes giving the floor to creators every week, supplemented by press relations work. Each jeweler has a space to put their creations online and we even offer certain shootings to better promote the product. In return, we take a commission on sales made on the platform, including all marketing services, but also payment and shipping costs with eco-responsible packaging, signed 58 Facettes as well as insurance.

And are you launching into the creation of pop-up store events today?

Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet: This is a first step with a pop-up store that we have planned from December 1 to 6 in a space near the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. We deliberately chose a trendy district to dust off the traditional image of jewelry. We want to invite people to discover the backstage of tailor-made and French creation. We have brought together a dozen designers who offer a very wide range in terms of price with creations in 18 karat gold, vermeil or silver. We want to reflect creative diversity and offer all styles. Like the 58 Facettes which represent the most beautiful cut of the diamond, our creators are our creative “diamonds”.

And how do you manage health regulations?

Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet: Of course, we are suspended from the date of the lifting of the confinement. And if this is fortunately the case, we have planned a vigil who will regulate the visitors and the space is large enough to be able to easily discover the creators. If unfortunately the confinement is not lifted, we will postpone the event to the 1st quarter of the year 2021. In addition for the holidays, we have created a Carte cadeau with budgets ranging from 50 euros to 1000 euros allowing people to offer a Made in France jewel while supporting the creators in this difficult period!

What are the other areas of development for 2021?

Alexis Blez and Eric Thevenet: We are planning partnerships with international distribution platforms in countries where French know-how is in demand, such as the USA, Russia, the Middle East or Asia. And in the long term, we would like to open a showroom, in order to be able to permanently present the creators' collections and receive customers for tailor-made products.

Was tailor-made the trigger for the creation of your site?

Alexis Blez: Indeed, I was working in finance in London in 2016 and I was looking to have my bespoke engagement ring. I did not find what I wanted and finally it was a diamond dealer who put me in contact with a workshop in Paris. I realized that there was real know-how in France, but that the creators and workshops did not know or did not have the time to take care of managing their communication to make themselves known to the general public. In this adventure, I joined forces with Eric Thevenet, who has 10 years of experience in Marketplaces at eBay, PriceMinister and Alibaba. We have given ourselves the means to create a real platform to promote French know-how in the world, but also in the hearts of the French!

Interview conducted by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

List of designers who will be present on the jewelery pop-up store:

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