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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Boucheron Women's Pendants

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The Boucheron pendant, to each his own style

The Boucheron high jewelry house is the first jewelry store to set up shop on Place Vendôme in Paris. Since 2015, a duo of women have found themselves at the head of the Boucheron house. They bring a new and feminine taste to the collections. This is how we find jewelry with graphic looks and innovative curves. Inspired by animals, nature and symbols of freedom. The Maison Boucheron is perfectly positioned within the luxury jewellery. The Boucheron pendant occupies a special place in the various collections. To dress up a neckline in an original way, the Boucheron pendant is the perfect jewel.

The Boucheron pendant, from simple to extravagant

The fame of Maison Boucheron comes from the fact that the jewels created deliver a message of freedom. The freedom to create what she wants. It appears jewelry collections with clean lines like precious stones with extravagant curves. The Boucheron pendant can offer as much a wise neckline as an extraordinarily original choker. You will be able to observe sumptuous pieces set with precious stones such as a discreet pendant with a contemporary and designer look. Collectible animals and the "question mark" jewel are the prestige and success of Boucheron luxury jewellery. This is how we find in the collections, a Boucheron pendant in the image of a snake, a cat, a hedgehog or completely opposite, a feather. The Boucheron pendant oscillates between symbolic creations such as the bordered Vendôme pendant and eternal flowers or collectible animals. Among our used jewelry, the Maison Boucheron is perhaps the most audacious in its creations. Modernity, freedom and intrepid are certainly the adjectives that best characterize this luxury jewelry house.

The Boucheron pendant, engraved diamonds

The Boucheron jewelry house offers jewelry created using ancestral know-how. In addition to using the techniques of the jewelers of yesteryear, the Boucheron jewelry store has fun innovating and pushing the limits of goldsmithing. This is how we find pieces set with diamonds engraved with flowers or curves such as majestic arabesques. It is with audacity that Maison Boucheron jewelry is made and invented. The selection of diamonds is also part of the notoriety of Boucheron jewellery. In addition to being incomparable goldsmiths, they have a keen eye for selecting the most prestigious diamonds. Brilliance, size, purity, clarity are the main criteria for making a wonderful selection. Diamonds hold the main place within each composition. Even discreetly placed on the curves of a jewel, the diamond is present. Thanks to the talent of the Maison's jewelers, the Boucheron pendant has no equal among other jewelers. Our large selection of signed jewelry great jewelers represents the most famous luxury jewelers. The Boucheron jewelry store occupies without fear a place of choice among the others.

The Boucheron pendant for freedom of style

Just as Maison Boucheron claims freedom to create in its know-how and creations, the Boucheron pendant offers freedom of style to every woman who adopts it. This is how we find jewelry in different styles in each collection. For the same theme, the Boucheron pendant can offer a jewel that is as classic as it is excessive. The creators use both narrative art with animals and the abstract by symbolizing the snake with a subtle assembly of diamonds. When jewelers create the Vendôme pendant, the size of the stone becomes an unequaled precious. All the jewelry from Boucheron jewelry offered on our online store show the original know-how of jewelry. Each piece is a call to travel to the imagination where each interpretation takes place. This is the strength of Maison Boucheron, this freedom to create asserted in each precious product offered.

Choose the Boucheron pendant that speaks to you. Let yourself be tempted without fear of being deceived. All Boucheron pendants come with a certificate attesting to their authenticity and value. Choose between extravagance or simplicity, the Boucheron pendant that will reveal your freedom of style!

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