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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

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Offer a second-hand Fred necklace

If you're planning on giving a necklace to your loved one, consider second-hand Fred necklaces. They are often the choice of elegance and originality to embody a unique gift. The Fred jewelry house has always been one of the most creative houses and its used necklaces offer the opportunity to taste this French art of luxury jewelry without breaking the bank. The models of second-hand Fred necklaces that are available here represent a fine sample of what is done best in this house to conquer the hearts of women!

The Fred jewelry brand: permanent creativity

Since 1936, the year of its creation, the Parisian jeweler full Fred has constantly demonstrated boundless creativity to stand out and rise to the level of much older houses. To catch up, the brand was the first to bring cultured pearls from very far away to create original jewelry that conquered the planet. To establish its reputation, the collaboration of great artists was also a first. It was thus Picasso, Braque or Cocteau who lent their talents to the famous jeweler to design innovative pieces.

Fred jewelry then quickly became renowned among the stars of the big screen and thus acquired immense popularity in the 50s and 60s with the general public.

Since then, the Fred jewelry house has kept its aura thanks to the production of more contemporary jewelry while preserving very classic lines and collections. Today, there are a lot of Fred jewels on the second-hand market where they are always appreciated. Especially the used Fred necklaces which are always a great choice to go with any outfit and in any circumstances.

Many used Fred necklaces

Depending on the arrivals on our platform, the choice of second-hand Fred necklaces can be vast and sometimes limited, so quickly do these models find buyers.

If the most famous collection of the Fred house, the "Force 10" collection, has a lot of very original and attractive pendants (especially those in titanium and steel), there are a good number of chains and necklaces in white gold, pink or yellow, adorned with diamonds arranged on the famous closure of this collection.

We can also be seduced by the "Pretty Woman" collection and its formidable very colorful heart pendants, or the "Infinite Chance" collection which features pretty pendants in the shape of the sign of infinity with refined mixtures of stones (onyx, ruby, emerald) and diamonds.

In the range of second-hand Fred necklaces, you will also find very beautiful olive mesh necklaces in yellow gold which are very suitable with everyday outfits as well as with evening clothes. Superb models with an assembly of gold hearts and diamonds are also gifts of choice to celebrate an event dear to your eyes.

And, as with all our second-hand jewellery, the second-hand Fred necklaces presented here are appraised and authenticated by our team of professionals.


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