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Bulgari Women's Necklaces

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Second-hand Bulgari necklaces: choose the Italian style

The famous Roman silversmith brand, Bulgari, embodies both Italian chic, the past and culture of the ancient capital, and a form of classic elegance from the shores of the Mediterranean. However, the Bulgari brand has succeeded in transcending these local foundations to become a true icon of international fashion. It has seduced all generations and all continents. Today, buying or gifting a second-hand Bulgari necklace is truly an aesthetic choice and also a way of signing one's membership in a restricted club. With the models presented to you here, the task is very simple: all you have to do is browse our selection and make your choice.

Bulgari: jewelry with a romantic style

Originally from Greece, but quickly settled in Rome, the Bulgari house very quickly embodied an Italian, if not Mediterranean, style of jewelry. Since the end of the 19ᵉ century and then its international expansion after the Second World War, Bulgari has conveyed a kind of Italian romanticism or even a dolce vita evoking a certain art of living.

If many Bulgari jewels are inspired by ancient Roman art and the emblematic monuments of the Italian capital, others have a certain form of economy in the lines and a refined, but chic design that can be compared to the creation of clothing. Milanese.

Today, Bulgari jewelry is very widely appreciated, whether on the new or second-hand market. If Bulgari rings have a great success, second-hand Bulgari necklaces are not to be outdone. They are a target of choice for people who want to acquire a quality piece of jewelery within a reasonable budget.

Choose a second-hand Bulgari necklace among many models

The choice of second-hand Bulgari necklaces that you can find here is relatively wide and draws on all the styles of the famous Italian jewelry house.

First, of course, you can choose a Bulgari necklace from the BZero1 jewelry collection with a pendant imitating the shape of the Roman Colosseum. This collection is a huge success among Bulgari rings and also lends itself well to being declined in the category of necklaces.

You may also be seduced by the Cuore necklaces where a pink gold heart is very often associated with one or more diamonds. The Concentrica or Cicladi collections are also excellent choices: circular shapes of pendants (concentric or interlocking depending on the collection) are topped with beautiful diamonds and create a very nice overall effect.

It will also be possible to find at this prestigious brand, many second-hand Bulgari necklaces enamelled with fine stones, diamonds and gold, mounted on fairly fine link chains. These models of used necklaces will be perfect to embellish city outfits or to complete a discreet adornment.

Finally, as with all the brands presented here, our second-hand Bulgari necklaces are appraised by our professional team: they are also carefully selected to guarantee you flawless jewelry in an impeccable state of preservation.


Do you want to sell a Bulgari necklace that you no longer wear? Did you know ? You can sell your jewelry on 58 Facettes. We offer a free consignment service for your jewellery, which is fast and fluid. We offer a service for the resale of your jewellery, or to have a Bulgari necklace appraised or appraised.

Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of taking a photo, describing the jewelry and putting it online on our site, highlighting it on our social networks and in our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

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