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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Hermès Bracelets for Women

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Used Hermès bracelet: a unique gift

To find a bracelet that is elegant, refined and easily distinguished from others, a second-hand Hermès bracelet is an excellent choice. Indeed, the Hermès house has always favored a unique creativity in jewelry, always bringing a touch from its history and its particular universe. Her models of bracelets are all the more attractive and are often perfect to add a finishing touch to an outfit.

Hermès: eternal jewels

Hermès was founded in 1837 and began with an activity essentially devoted to the horse racing world (silk jackets, saddles, saddlebags, harnesses) then broadened its universe to include all leather goods a few decades later.

With its well-established reputation and real craftsmanship, Hermès has not had too much trouble investing in other areas of luxury such as perfumery, watchmaking and jewelry. In the latter area, the brand quickly proved its worth and stood out from its competitors by offering very original jewelry.

Hermès has thus been able to create many elegant and atypical bracelets, often endowing them with references to other products and to the world of leather goods and horses. Today they are very popular among the many used bracelets that we offer.

Choosing your second-hand Hermès bracelet

The choice of second-hand Hermès bracelet that we offer is very wide in terms of styles and materials used. There should be something for all tastes and budgets.

So, for example, you will find models of cuff bracelets. These are fairly wide and covering bracelets, either made with a leather backing or directly in mesh or solid gold. These second-hand Hermès bracelets are quite sought after and are perfect for elegant outfits in the city.

In a more classic way, and smaller in size, there is also a sumptuous white gold bracelet with a braid effect that will be perfect for evening wear.

Hermès has also developed a large number of models of bracelets which have equestrian connotations, evoking his universe of origin and predilection. So you will find second-hand bracelets with a horse stirrup motif. Simple, unclosed silver bracelets end with one or more equine heads. Finally, link bracelets, in gold or silver, are closed with a buckle that evokes a saddlery accessory.

Finally, you will also find bracelets with closure on the famous H of Hermès with the Clic H model or leather bracelets of different widths on which are placed silver pieces or yellow gold links.

Second-hand Hermès bracelets really make it possible to please while offering a very original piece of jewelry. In addition, the price range is very wide and whatever your budget you will find a model that is suitable and sure to please!

And of course all the second-hand Hermès bracelets that we present to you are all appraised by our team of specialists and are available in an always impeccable condition.

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