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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
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Women's Chaumet Earrings

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The ideal gift: a pair of second-hand Chaumet earrings

The Chaumet house embodies very French luxury and in terms of fine jewelry, it is a model for many brands around the world. Among all the production of Chaumet jewelry, we must not forget their earrings, which are always refined and of rare elegance. They have been the prerogative of many crowned heads, but today it is quite easy to find second-hand Chaumet earrings and have fun. This is the case with the models presented on this page. They offer Chaumet luxury, a unique style and a whole chapter in the history of quality French jewellery.

Chaumet: more than two centuries of refined earrings

It is precisely for 240 years that the Chaumet house has been manufacturing elegant and distinguished jewellery, such as rings, sets, necklaces, bracelets and of course earrings.

When you are quickly the official jewelry of Napoleon and Empress Josephine, the reputation of the establishment is no longer really to be done and it is then easy to seduce all the crowned heads of Europe then the bourgeoisie and finally the general public. according to his creations.

Chaumet has nevertheless always paid the s