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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Our history

Alexis Blez - 58 Facettes
Eric Thevenet - 58 Facettes
Alexis Blez
Eric Thevenet


It was while seeking to have THE perfect engagement ring made that one of the founders, Alexis Blez, found himself confronted with the obstacle course. It all seems more opaque than mysterious to him. He then begins a quest, which will almost become an obsession. This will lead him to push the door of workshops across France, to meet jewelers, to discover secrets that are too well kept.

It is with Eric Thevenet, a friend for 15 years, that they begin to imagine 58 Facettes. The bond they forge with each jeweler then becomes their driving force to build this ambitious project. The meeting with Kyra Brenzinger, journalist specializing in jewelry for 30 years, confirms their intuitions. The desire to share this know-how, this creativity and jewelery heritage recognized worldwide lead them to quit their activities to devote themselves to 58 Facettes. The old and vintage second-hand jewelry arouses a growing interest among jewelry lovers, and consolidates the two co-founders in their conviction that the future of theuxe, and particularly that of jewelry, involves sustainability and the circular economy.

58 Facettes offers henceforth the most important dedicated offer exclusively second-hand jewelry, signed by great houses or period. An offer unmatched both for its quality and its diversity and yet, this is only the beginning.

58 facettes is now a team that puts all its heart into creating a fluid and innovative experience to buy, sell or transform jewelry with confidence. Surrounded by experts in gemology, design, vintage, they will be happy to answer all your questions.

And if not, where does this name come from " 58 Facettes »?

Our name draws its inspiration from the history of diamonds and the passion of the craftsmen who, through the ages, have sought to sublimate this stone, to achieve a perfect shine.

If modern techniques show that the ideal cut of a "brilliant" diamond has 57 facets, it is the result of a long process of historical iterations which have led the profession to focus initially on a round cut. 58 facettes. It is considered to be the origin of the “brilliant” diamond.

It is at this historic size that our brand 58 Facettes refers and pays homage.