The Manifesto

What if we take the time to find out? 
The time to observe the material, to contemplate the colors, to find beautiful things.
The time to take an interest in the creators, to discover their inspirations, to admire their techniques.
What if we take the time to think?
The time to observe our world, to question the manufacture of our precious objects, to question the established codes.
The time to produce better, to innovate, to make more accessible.
What if we take the time to share?
Time to reveal our obsessions, to reveal those that fascinate us, to create links.
Time to defend a liberated creation, French know-how, another perspective.
The time to wonder why taking the time has become so rare.
Take it, to be inspired and guided.
Take it, to make sense of your actions.
Take the time to be there.
 Signature 58 Facettes