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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Poiray Women's Pendants

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A second-hand Poiray pendant as a gift?

If you are looking for a pretty pendant to offer, why not look at Maison Poiray? Young, innovative and of dazzling quality in its creations, the Poiray brand is synonymous today with a modern chic that seduces all over the world. Among all the second-hand Poiray jewels that you will discover on our platform, the second hand pendants have a style that seduces with simple lines and elegant shapes. You will most certainly find the ideal second-hand Poiray pendant there to make a gift full of attention and taste.

Poiray: a very modern jewelry house

The Poiray jewelry brand is considered the newest of the major jewelry houses in Europe. Founded in 1975, it quickly won its stripes thanks to particularly neat jewelry collections and creative ideas that are both innovative, but respecting the codes of a certain classicism.

The Poiray brand finds its influences both in movements such as Art Deco and even Art Nouveau while designing modern and very feminine jewelry. Moreover, she knew how to conquer the international market and the younger generations of buyers with jewels that were rather easy to wear and not too overloaded.

Today, Poiray jewelry is enjoying real success, which is also reflected in a certain enthusiasm on the second-hand jewelry market, where it is still relatively rare given the youth of the house.

Like Poiray bracelets, rings or even earrings, second-hand Poiray pendants are part of this rather sought-after jewellery. Fortunately, we always have some to offer you on our platform: all you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

Choose your second-hand Poiray pendant!

As always with Poiray, the heart is in the spotlight: it's a bit like the representative symbol of the brand and it is available in many jewelry models. Obviously, it imposes itself as a pendant motif.

Thus, you will be able to find second-hand Poiray pendants made of a simple white gold heart often hollowed out in its center with another small heart. Many other pendants use this motif, but in an intertwined version. It is one of the favorite models of many people among second-hand Poiray pendants: they exist both in simple white gold and in versions with diamonds all around, or in yellow gold.

Another variant is found in the Attrape Cœur model where the diamonds are found inside the gold interlacings which form the hearts. Finally, you can also let yourself be tempted by many other models such as the Secret Heart all in resplendent yellow gold, of a beautiful size, and with a yellow sapphire, or even by flower-shaped motifs in the Flower collection.

In any case, you will certainly choose a second-hand Poiray pendant that will accompany you for very many years: despite its youth, the brand has already demonstrated that its jewelry hardly ever goes out of fashion. In addition, you can choose your pendant with confidence: they are all authenticated by our experts.