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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Second hand Dinh Van pendants

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The second-hand Dinh Van pendant: a great gift idea

On the second-hand jewelry market, the Dinh Van brand is a bit different since it is both one of the youngest houses and produces jewelry in a very contemporary style. Its models thus always seem to be in fashion thanks to simple designs, clean lines and shapes that appeal to the greatest number. This success is found both for Dinh Van rings and all the brand's other jewels, such as pendants. With a predominance of yellow gold and very simple round shapes, second-hand Dinh Van pendants are a great gift idea: they have the ability to go with everything, to adapt perfectly to any other jewelry that you can wear and appeal to all generations!

Dinh Van: modern and designer jewelery

It is not because the Dinh Van jewelry brand is very young that it has a production of jewelry models that can be described as modern. Indeed, with its less than 60 years of existence, it is a very young house to be compared with those which have nearly two centuries of existence.

Its modernism, Dinh Van draws it from a design that is always very refined, without flashy colors, with simple shapes and the almost systematic use of a yellow gold of the most beautiful effect.

Thanks to this easily recognizable and unifying creative line, the Parisian jewelry brand Dinh Van quickly won the hearts of many customers, in France and abroad.

This craze applies to all jewelry created by the Dinh Van brand, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and of course also pendants.

Thus, second-hand Dinh Van pendants are a great success on our platform and, depending on the arrivals, they are great opportunities to make a gift or buy quality jewellery.

A nice choice of second-hand Dinh Van pendants

Among the second-hand Dinh Van pendants available, you can let yourself be tempted by a yellow gold model including in its center a pretty peridot, a beautiful transparent green stone with changing reflections. The concave shape of the gold pendant gives it real charm and appreciable uniqueness.

Another possibility will be to go for the Chinese piece pendant in yellow gold and hollowed out in its center, or the Double sens model where two yellow gold elements resemble two yin and yang shapes.

It will also be possible to find second-hand Dinh Van pendants in materials other than yellow gold, highly prized by the brand. Thus, an Impression model pendant in white gold and diamonds will be a good choice, as will also a circular pendant in white gold and very discreet which should appeal to many buyers.

As we can see, the choice of second hand pendants at Dinh Van is vast and it will be easy to find a model that suits your tastes or wishes. In addition, most of these models of pendants are of reasonable sizes and remain easy to wear in all circumstances. Finally, they are all authenticated by our experts and thus offer you a purchase of confidence.