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Women's Mauboussin Necklaces

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The Mauboussin necklace, a jewel with surprising virtues

Maison Mauboussin has been delighting women with gold, diamonds and precious stones for more than 200 years. With ancestral know-how, the goldsmiths of Maison Mauboussin accompany women wishing to wear jewelry that understands them. The Mauboussin necklace is one of those jewels that when worn offers not only grace but also virtues. Before listening to a need for simplicity mixed with audacity, the jewelry house created extravagant and very elitist jewelry. Since then, she has been inspired by nature, its muses and the benefits of gems.

From the sketch to the creation of the Mauboussin necklace

The design of a Mauboussin necklace begins with a sketch of the outlines of a future jewel. The designer crumples his pencil to let his inspiration trace the idea of ​​the necklace. Then, the gouache gives the jewel volume, color and shine. It is this last stage, carefully guarded in the archives of Maison Mauboussin, which will set the tone. The goldsmiths will then set to work. They shape the gold, cut the stones then marry the two in a final stage where the jewel finally becomes real. The Mauboussin necklace can then offer all its beauty, its volume, its lines and rest around the neck of the one who covets it. The ancestral jewelry know-how is revealed in the splendor of the jewel where no false notes are possible. Maison Mauboussin is part of our large collection of used jewelry. Highly coveted, they do not lose any value despite the passage of time.

The Mauboussin necklace, a jewel with powerful virtues

Even if Maison Mauboussin has existed for more than 200 years and shapes jewelry with exceptional know-how, it is also open to the benefits of gems. The Mauboussin necklace will be adorned with precious stones so that every occasion is sealed. In this way, the jeweler will advise you to take a Mauboussin necklace set with an emerald to celebrate 40 years of marriage or engagement. In love with colors, the Mauboussin luxury house adores gems and likes to share them with its customers. The ruby ​​will be recommended as a symbol of vitality and energy. The sapphire adorns the Mauboussin necklace to bring fidelity, sincerity and wisdom to the wearer. Gemmology accompanies all of the House's creations. Each gemstone is chosen with sincerity and professionalism. All the gems set on the jewels of the Maison de joaillerie are selected to be the most dazzling. Among all of our signed jewelry, those of Maison Mauboussin lend an intoxicating glow to symbolize eternal love.

Jewelery know-how that matches the times

Over the years, the Mauboussin house has gone from pontificating creations to simple precious ones adapted to the lifestyle of today's women. Eager to open the world of jewelry to a wider audience, goldsmiths are inspired by nature, love and the desires of today's woman. This is how we observe the appearance of more refined collections, with more feminine curves and easier to wear on a daily basis. The Mauboussin necklace therefore goes from an extravagant volume to a delicate and light choker. It is therefore with this new impetus that the "Chance of Love" and "Dream and Love" collections are released, ranging from necklace to ring. The symbolism of jewelry is instantly understood and adopted by women. The delicacy of the jewelry that perfectly hugs the curves of the body offers women the pride of being.Modern, current, refined, dressed in benefits, the Mauboussin necklace has everything to please.It is moreover the most coveted of all our signed necklaces. The Mauboussin necklace declares love and luck to women. Worked in gold, silver or platinum, it is incomparable and unique.

If you want a Mauboussin necklace on our online store, don't hesitate. Have fun! All of our jewelry has been scrutinized and analyzed by professional jewelry experts. Each precious is accompanied by its certificate which attests to its authenticity. You just have to choose which of these Mauboussin necklaces tempts you to take full advantage of its grace and its benefits!

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