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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Women's and Men's Cable Chains

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Particularly distinguished, the cable chain goes wonderfully with pendants to form magnificent necklaces. It turns out to be relatively robust, which makes it an ideal accessory to wear on a daily basis whether you are a man, a woman or a child. This classic and easily recognizable shape has survived the ages without losing its shine. On 58 Facettes, you will find many top quality vintage cable chains.

Vintage cable chains: jewelry classics

The convict links refer to the chains imprisoning the convicts from the end of the XNUMXth century. Indeed, the prisoners and slaves having to go to the penal colony or in the galleys were chained with specific chains with entangled links. Recognizable among a thousand by their interweaving, they inspired the jewelers of the time and exist in several sizes. Very resistant, they are found on many antique and contemporary jewellery: collars, bracelets, bracelets, anklets, etc. It is a safe bet that can be found at attractive prices on the market, especially when they are made of 18-carat gold. Sometimes, we use filed links in order to obtain a shiny effect full of shine.

These jewelry classics are still made by the greatest jewelry masters. Period jewellery, on the other hand, increases in value and offers a unique style that will never go out of fashion. With a pendant, the vintage cable chains dress the neck of both women and men wonderfully. It is a gift that is offered on any occasion to both children and adults: at birth, as a birthday present, to declare one's love or without a particular event.

Choose from our most beautiful models of vintage cable chains

Online store 58 Facettes offers you the most beautiful vintage cable chains available on the second-hand jewelry market. Our chains are perfect for everyday life and all types of events. Generally discreet, they go wonderfully with magnificent pendants and exist in thin and thicker versions. We are committed to presenting you with the most aesthetic chains to bring you full satisfaction. You will therefore find a very varied range on our site with models in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold. Some of them even contain precious stones like the diamonds.

Our quality products are selected for their beauty and their unique style as well as their old and timeless side. With our wide selection of colors, lengths and styles, you are sure to find the perfect cable chain. They go perfectly with a casual, urban, trendy, chic or more classic look. Art Deco, Art Nouveau, retro style... our vintage chains with various influences will tell you their story and enhance your appearance.

Why order your second-hand cable chain on 58 Facettes ?

Vintage cable chains remain a timeless accessory as well as a symbol of elegance and luxury. Looking for a one-of-a-kind channel? At the house of 58 Facettes, our vintage chains are sourced from around the world and are accessible in a variety of styles and colors. You're sure to find the perfect chain that matches your outfit, personality and style. Selected by our expert jewelers, they are appraised and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. With all the jewelry available on our online store you can easily complete your purchase with a matching pendant or more accessories. All our products have the necessary certifications for their marketing. You are guaranteed to offer yourself an exceptional jewel!

We are committed to presenting you with the best second-hand luxury jewelry and accessories on the French and international jewelry market. We ship orders worldwide and offer you the possibility to pay for your purchase in a secure way. In addition, delivery is free for metropolitan France, the United Kingdom and the European Union. However, if your second-hand vintage jewelery does not suit you, we give you the possibility of returning it to us for free knowing that you have a withdrawal period of 14 days. Our team can also be reached by phone and email for any inquiries. So, don't wait any longer, order your sublime cable chain now!

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