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Women's Tank Bracelets

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At their peak in the 1940s, gold tank jewelry marked an entire era. Belonging to the retro trend, they are characterized by imposing and geometric lines. Today, they are still worn elegantly on the finger, wrist or broche. Specialist in second-hand jewellery, 58 Facettes has selected several models of top quality vintage tank bracelets in gold. Among them, you will certainly find the rare pearl for a man or a woman!

Vintage tank bracelets: jewels steeped in history

Appearing in a period marked by war, tank jewelry flourished in Europe in the 40s, and more particularly from 1935 to 1950. Their name also refers to tanks, these colossal military tanks used during world wars. . The links of vintage tank bracelets are indeed reminiscent of caterpillars. This is the series of wheels held by a gear that these army vehicles have. With the price of gold skyrocketing and uncertain times, the population then melted their gold by transforming it into easily transportable jewelry. Some wealthy people, on the other hand, displayed them excessively to assert their power and wealth. You can find tank-style jewelry pieces with more than 100 grams of solid gold.

Diametrically opposed to the delicate curves of the movement Art Deco, tank jewelry belongs to the retro trend and displays geometric lines and imposing volumes. Extremely massive, vintage tank bracelets consist of large links with plates forming geometric patterns and volutes, these characteristic spiral shapes. Some feature precious stones such as ruby, sapphir or the guide and they are mostly made of gold, whether yellow, pink or white. There are also some in platinum, used in particular to set stones. Today, the production of this type of jewelry is suspended. However, you can get a second-hand tank bracelet from a jewelry store like 58 Facettes.

Access a selection of top quality vintage tank bracelets

Are you looking for an exceptional bracelet for yourself or a loved one? Discover our collection of second-hand vintage tank bracelets! The tank bracelet plays with volumes and is suitable for most builds. Despite its imposing size, it is very elegant and perfectly accessorizes a sober or rock'n'roll outfit. Women can easily pair it with an evening dress and discreet earrings, a leather perfecto and a pretty belt or a suit skirt and a small necklace. Men, on the other hand, greatly appreciate its massive and masculine side.

Our jewelry experts have selected the most beautiful real gold pieces for you after expertise. They turn out to be of superior quality. All our products are certified by professionals and sold with a certificate of authenticity. You will find models in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Sometimes the jewel contains a mixture of particularly aesthetic golds. Different styles of links also exist. Their shapes, their geometric patterns, their scrolls and their entanglement make them extremely rare unique pieces. If you like precious stones, some relatively sumptuous models have diamonds or even rubies.

Why order your jewelry pieces on 58 Facettes ?

Our online store offers you a varied choice of valuable jewelry with a selection entirely devoted to vintage tank bracelets. Appraised by professionals, these certified bracelets contain real gold and sometimes precious stones (guide, ruby, etc.). By choosing 58 Facettes, you are guaranteed to find quality second-hand jewelery that meets the requirements of the jewelery industry. True craftsmen, our jewelers carry out a resizing or a possible transformation if necessary.

Order on 58 Facettes, it also means benefiting from many advantages! Not only are you buying valuable jewelry at a fair and more affordable price than new, but above all you are giving a second life to priceless pieces of jewelry. We deliver worldwide securely and with the appropriate insurance. People residing in metropolitan France, the United Kingdom and the European Union have free delivery.