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Used sleeper earrings

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Treat yourself to beautiful second-hand sleeper earrings

Among the large number of types of earrings, the sleeper earring is quite special. It's the only one with a clip-on clasp at the back of the earlobe to ensure the buckle stays in place, even while sleeping! Very old in its design and very popular, it is also a fairly widespread type of earring and widely present on second-hand quality. To get a better idea, you can browse all the second-hand sleeper earrings that make up our selection. Among all these models, there is enough to have fun with the most beautiful names in jewelry and find at a reasonable price the pair of second-hand sleeper earrings that makes you dream!

What is a sleeper earring?

Sleeper earrings are so called because originally they were worn only during sleep and had the essential function of preventing the holes drilled in the lobe from closing.

Indeed, their main characteristic is to have a very secure closing system. They cannot come off inadvertently and cannot injure the person wearing them.

Leverback earrings are quite similar to hook earrings. They feature an equivalent hook-shaped shank, but a clip-on clip on the back completes the closure, preventing the earring from being lost overnight.

Of course, today, sleeper earrings can be worn day and night and their secure clasp is a real plus for active, sporty and dynamic women. With a sleeper earring, don't worry, you won't lose it due to an inopportune movement.

Second-hand sleeper earrings for all tastes

Among used earrings that you will find on our site, sleeper earrings have a good place. It must be said that this type of earrings has been widely produced by all French jewelry houses for decades if not more. There is therefore a very large choice among the models presented here.

You will also find second-hand sleeper earrings in yellow gold, white gold or pink gold, with diamonds or pearls or different types of precious stones set like small sapphires or pretty emeralds. All styles are present: both art deco type earrings or art nouveau models or even more contemporary versions from the post-war period or from recent decades.

And most of the second-hand sleeper earrings available come from the finest French and international jewelry brands. You will find models from Cartier, Boucheron, Poiray, Dior, Chanel, Mauboussin, Chaumet or even Van Cleef & Arpels. But many other jewelry houses are present in our selection.

Whatever your choice, the authenticity of these second-hand sleeper earrings is ensured by our professional experts who do careful work upstream to guarantee you quality and clearly authenticated products.