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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35

Dinh Van Handcuffs Jewelry

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Dinh Van handcuffs for a stylish look

Stylish, refined and freedom, this is what defines Dinh Van jewellery. As you can see in the selection of Dinh Van handcuffs that we offer, the jewelry comes in many models. There are rings as well as bracelets or necklaces. You are spoiled for choice! It's also a good gift idea to put stars in the eyes of the person you love. So, ready to fall in love? Discover now our wide selection of Dinh Van handcuffs.

Choose from our catalog of Dinh Van handcuffs

Want to stand out with luxury jewelry that features an iconic pattern? The Dinh Van handcuffs are perfect for you! Indeed, we offer several models on our site 58 Facettes. Between bracelets, rings and necklaces, you are spoiled for choice. Do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by several favourites, which you will match with your outfit. White gold, yellow gold, choose the metal that flatters you the most. There are also Dinh Van handcuff rings encrusted with small diamonds: elegance par excellence! the guide is indeed the most sought after gemstone and has beautiful symbolism: purity, fidelity, strong and powerful love.

Dinh Van handcuffs are available in many styles, since there are both bracelets with a chain and bracelets with a cord. Some necklaces do not hesitate either to mix gold balls and cultured pearls.

The story of Dinh Van handcuffs

Jean Dinh Van had the idea for the handcuff bracelet in the mid-70s. He wanted to create something innovative, which combined jewelry with the art of sculpture. The creator of the great Parisian house then imagined a clasp system that looked like handcuffs, which earned it its name. Dinh Van handcuffs are available in many customization options. Over time, handcuffs truly become an iconic symbol of the Dinh Van house. They are therefore found on many types of jewellery: bracelets of course, but also rings, necklaces and pendants. The particular shape of this Dinh Van pattern quickly won a great success with lovers. Attached to each other, the handcuffs symbolize strong and powerful love, or eternity. This is also the reason why many people like to offer Dinh Van handcuffs to the one who has conquered their heart. It is a very good gift idea for Valentine's Day for example, or for an engagement.

Dinh Van handcuffs are timeless, and have been as successful as ever for 40 years. Moreover, they are often revisited by the Parisian jewelry house.

Wearing Dinh Van handcuffs means showing great taste, while adding a touch of madness and pep to your outfit.

Used Dinh Van handcuffs in perfect condition

Like all the jewels that you can admire on our online sales platform 58 Facettes, Dinh Van handcuffs are second-hand. Can't see it at all? It's normal, our experts take jealous care of it! When we receive them, the second-hand jewels are carefully cleaned, then checked and authenticated. This is why we can guarantee you Dinh Van handcuffs in excellent condition, without any scratches. These jewels had a lot of sentimental value for their previous owners, who took great care of them. When they were not worn, the Dinh Van handcuffs were carefully stored in a soft case, so that they remained well protected from dust or shocks. All our Dinh Van handcuffs have written the first page of their history. They are jewels that have a soul and that accompanied their previous owners on important occasions. By your side, the handcuffs are now ready to write the second chapter.

We often update the collections that we exhibit on our site, since we regularly receive new second-hand jewels entrusted to us by their owners. If you are looking for Dinh Van handcuffs of a particular style, stay tuned for new products and use the filter system to find your favorite jewel.