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Women's Daisy Rings

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Dare the second-hand daisy ring!

If there is one style of engagement ring that has stood the test of time and remained in the firmament of high-style jewelry, it is the daisy ring, also called the Pompadour ring. Prized by European royalty for centuries, this classy ring is still popular today and its style is often imitated. This type of ring has been made by many fine jewelry houses and is found quite frequently among second-hand rings on the market. Discover the history of this ring from the Marquise de Pompadour and go in search of a model of second-hand daisy or Pompadour ring thanks to our platform: you will be sure to conquer a heart for eternity with such a ring of engagement!

Origins dating back to the 17th century

The Marguerite or Pompadour ring is a very famous type of ring that has survived the centuries and has constantly been produced in various styles by the major French jewelry houses. It was Louis XV's favourite, the Marquise de Pompadour, who first wore this ring and made it popular. This is why this ring is sometimes called the Pompadour ring in memory of this lady.

It was important to him to give work to the French artists and craftsmen who worked with the court. She also brought into fashion many creations that she liked to wear, such as cameos or stone necklaces. But his affection for this ring in the shape of a daisy flower set with diamonds and a sapphire did much to make this ring famous in French society.

Indeed, it very quickly became a very popular ring as an engagement ring. Over the decades, its style has evolved but the flower shape has remained and has seduced many couples when celebrating their engagement!

This ring is a bit today the representation of a timeless and timeless good French artisanal taste. Even if according to the fashions it has sometimes almost disappeared, it has always returned inexorably to the forefront of the jewelry scene. Today, among used rings, the daisy ring is still quite sought after. Fortunately, it remains fairly easy to find since many jewelry houses have made rings in this style and there are even modern versions of them in current catalogs.

The second-hand daisy ring: an ever popular ring

Still relevant, the daisy ring obviously remains popular not only among the greats of this world but also among the general public who often look for models of this ring at more affordable prices depending on the size or the brand.

Lady Diana or Kate Middleton had a daisy-type engagement ring with a very beautiful 18 carat oval sapphire set with 14 diamonds. Fortunately, there are much more modest and affordable daisy rings!

The second-hand daisy ring still has a timeless charm and a classic style that appeals to many, even in the younger generations. It is a ring that always turns out to be luminous and perfectly balanced. Very often offered with a half-closed setting, this also gives it incredible charm and highlights the stone it surrounds.

Today, second-hand daisy rings can be found in many brands. It is not uncommon to find some in our selections of used Chaumet rings, second hand Boucheron rings, second hand cartier rings or many other major jewelry houses.

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