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An invitation to travel to the heart of jewelry

An invitation to travel to the heart of jewelry

In the absence of being able to travel today, the magazine 58 Facettes invites you to meet creators who share their universe and their taste for distant lands. Follow the guide !

Flav Paris: meeting Egypt and Ancient Greece

Before embarking on jewelry, Flavie Paris (her real name) had another passion: archeology and especially Egyptology. Trained at the Sorbonne, she went to this country to meet the pyramids that she interprets today in jewelery form.
Flavie Paris on 58 Facettes
Secret Unveiled Ring - Flav Paris on 58 Facettes
Her Secret Dévoilé ring is her favorite piece, set with a pyramid-shaped diamond and protected by the pointed shape of the building. “This piece is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids, but also by the Louvre pyramid with the magic of the transparency of glass. The treasures unveiled are those hidden in this museum or in the sarcophagi of the pyramids ”. Egypt is the common thread of the creation of Flav Paris with its Luxor ring, set with a luminous citrine representing the tomb of this site in the famous Valley of the Kings.
Other creations invite us to discover the sacred oasis of Siwa with a sublime central emerald or the sacred scarab that adorns the Khepri ring. From her archaeological excavations in Greece, Flavie has retained the powerful goddesses like Athena or Demeter (goddess of fertility and agriculture). “I wanted to bring modernity by offering neo-jewelry such as ear rings. The red gold color evokes old copper jewelry, enhanced with diamonds and rubies ”.
Khepri ring - Flav Paris on 58 Facettes
Located in the heart of Paris, Flav Paris is labeled "Made in Paris" and is keen to use recycled gold and stones that meet the traceability of the Kimberley process. An ethic and a know-how that she also teaches to her students at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie de Paris.

England: between art and architecture of emblematic cities

Her great artistic culture allows Ségolène Dangleterre to create pieces with strength and personality. His studies at the Superior School of Art and Design in Reims, coupled with his training at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie in Paris, gave him a vision of a jewel built like an architecture. "The stones constitute the building and the gold serves as a real structure to carry them".
Ségolène Dangleterre on 58 Facettes
Favorite 1 ring - Dangleterre on 58 Facettes
Its Art Deco inspirations, but also of the Bauhaus, are felt in particular in its Favorite 1 rings, set with pyramidal-shaped onyx, illuminated with an orange tourmaline. For the generosity of the volumes, Ségolène Dangleterre quotes with admiration Suzanne Belperron.
Her Diva ring is also a reference to women combining power and grace with small square cabochons reminiscent of the paving stones of Paris. Moreover, she often sculpts her cabochons herself to obtain shapes perfectly suited to her creations. Playing on American glamor, her Venice ring refers to the city of California in retro colors with its rose quartz in the shape of an eye.
Venice ring - Flavie Paris on 58 Facettes
His invitation to travel is also artistic with his rings entitled Georges, Constantin or Ettore. "For me, they are fundamental artists: Georges Braque, a great painter of cubism, Constantin Brancusi with his abstract towers of Babel and Ettore Sottsass who dares unique contrasts of shapes and colors". Through her creations, Ségolène DAngleterre pays homage to them while creating masterful jewelry works.

Anne Bourat: a gemmological journey into the imagination

With her dual artistic training at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and at Ensad, Anne Bourat brings a lot of poetry to her creations. . Just like the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, she imagined a “Blue Planet” ring with its lapis lazuli cabochon and its sapphire buildings.
Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
Geysha pendant - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
From her trip to Japan, she retained the refinement of the Geisha that she evokes with her dendritic agate pendant in the shape of an eye and accompanied by a mouth, as if inspired by a surrealist painting. She also transports us to Las Vegas with her garnet pendant. “I was seduced by the old quarter of Las Vegas with its old signs with a vintage look from the 50s”.
Even further in her imagination, Anne Bourat evokes the writer Roger Caillois and his notion of the natural fantastic. “In each stone, something fantastic can appear”. Thus, she initiates us into the infinitely small through inclusions of stones that she reproduces in the form of paintings. With its imaginary force, its inclusions open doors to landscapes corresponding to the country producing these stones: Sri Lanka for sapphires, Colombia for emeralds, Burma for rubies and South Africa for diamonds.
Painting - Anne Bourat on 58 Facettes
“I am continuing my work on fine stones with a painting retracing the inclusions of pink fluorite, found by Stéphane Dan, a famous crystal hunter in the Alps”. With her jewelry creations and paintings, Anne Bourat introduces us to a real gemological and chromatic exploration!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Ring "Planet" Blue Silver and Sapphires - Anne Bourat
Photo 1: Flavie Paris (Flav)
Photo 2: Secret Unveiled Ring - Flav
Photo 3: Khepri ring - Flav
Photo 4: Ségolène Dangleterre (Dangleterre)
Photo 5: Favorite 1 ring - Dangleterre
Photo 6: Venice ring - Dangleterre
Picture 7: Anne Bourat
Photo 8: Geisha pendant - Anne Bourat
Photo 9: Painting - Anne Bourat

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