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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
Second-hand jewelery expertise, for what, by whom and how?

Second-hand jewelery expertise, for what, by whom and how?

The expertise of a second-hand piece of jewellery, what do we evaluate?

Why a vintage jewelry expertise?

The expertise of your jewels makes it possible to know their value, sometimes even the history or their particularity, and is essential in different situations:

  • when you want to sell them, in order to establish a consistent selling price
  • as part of an inheritance or a division of these assets
  • to insure your valuables, especially in the event of theft 

By whom is a vintage piece of jewelery appraised?

Various professionals can provide you with a price in line with the market (gold merchants, jewellers, etc.). However, for jewels of a certain value or signed, it is recommended that this evaluation be carried out by approved experts, whose status is defined by law, and holders of diplomas recognized by the State. 

Thanks to their knowledge of the market but also of old, signed jewelry or gems, depending on their specialty, they are able to estimate your pieces with complete impartiality. At the house of 58 Facettes, we also offer you a free appraisal service and possibly the purchase of your jewelery once it has been appraised.

How to evaluate a vintage jewel?

During an expertise, different characteristic elements of your parts are evaluated.

For example, the nature of the metal constituting them such as gold, platinum or silver, is a first element to be confirmed, the hallmarks present on the jewel being compulsory in France from a certain weight of precious metal ( varying according to the metals). This title stamp corresponds to an official seal guaranteeing the titration of your jewels, that is to say the composition of the precious metal with the other metals in the alloy. Your pieces must also contain a maker's mark, in the shape of a diamond, which allows you to know the workshop where the jewel was made.

The stones adorning your jewelry also play a determining role. These can be commonly called precious like diamond and sapphire, or fine like garnet and aquamarine. These stones can be accompanied by laboratory certificates which specify their characteristics, any treatments and sometimes their origin of extraction.

The condition, weight, period of manufacture or style of your jewel are also taken into account, as is their possible transformation over time.

All these elements will be taken into account by the expert to provide you with the most complete assessment possible.

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