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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
Wedding preparations for two, even in jewelry

Wedding preparations for two, even in jewelry

An engagement ring that will no longer be lonely!

Wedding rings are decided in pairs, why leave an engagement ring without its male counterpart? And what is the perfect “match” to prepare for your wedding? Matching cufflinks, an essential jewel for men for the occasion. For a pioneering balance of the finest reciprocal commitments, here are the associations we offer.

Sure value : A winning game for sure with this Toi & Moi ring with its soft lines and its sapphire cabochons, associated with second-hand Cartier cufflinks that respond to the gold work.

 Antique gold and cabochon sapphire ring et  Cartier gold cufflinks


The brilliance of the diamond and the whiteness of the metal : a timeless, second-hand solitaire ring with second-hand silver cufflinks, the chic of vintage.

Antique silver diamond and BM solitaire ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring et Antique silver cufflinks 


An Art Nouveau set : a delicate vintage occasion ring and vintage cufflinks, rustic wedding announcers, the foliage details create a subtle link between the jewels.

Art Nouveau ring et wedding cufflinks 


The elegance of sapphire and gold, on the one hand a luminous vintage marquise ring and on the other hand gold and sapphire cufflinks, elegant and design.

Marquise Sapphire and Diamond Ring et Sapphire cufflinks


A somewhat quirky and characterful match ? Let's play with a second-hand signet ring adorned with a beautiful bloodstone and onyx cufflinks for a reinterpretation of gothic in your own way.

Ancient Bloodstone Signet Ring et Onyx Cufflinks

All styles and tastes can be satisfied for your jewelry association and create a forerunner of this exceptional moment that is marriage. Discover our choice of vintage and signed jewelry without delay, they are all unique...

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