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All about rose gold

All about rose gold

 What is rose gold?

Like yellow gold and white gold, 750 thousandths (18 karat) pink gold is a mixture of pure gold (called "24 karat gold") which is too soft to be worked in jewelry, to which is added other metals (like silver and copper)) to arrive at a harder alloy. Rose gold is made of pure gold, copper, and silver. It is the copper that gives it its beautiful pink color. Indeed, depending on the percentage of copper used in the alloy, its pink color will be more or less noticeable.

  • Most often, the composition of rose gold is: 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver

Why choose rose gold?

Rose gold is a relatively unknown metal. However, there are many advantages that can explain its growing popularity:

  1. Rose gold is becoming a fashionable metal. Its originality and its particular color attract people. It is also found on the latest fashionable technological objects.
  2. Like other types of gold, rose gold is a very durable metal. More resistant than platinum and silver, rose gold is very durable and difficult to scratch. 
  3. It is also an ideal metal for everyday jewelry such as engagement rings et the alliances.

Like yellow gold, rose gold will never lose its color.

Where does rose gold come from?

The history of rose gold is very similar to that of rose gold. The first use of this precious metal was the famous Fabergé egg. In the late 1800s, Russian Peter Carl Fabergé used a mixture of gold and copper in his eggs. Alone, coppery gold becomes red gold and adding a little silver gives pink gold.

These alloys were very popular in Russia at the time. In Western Europe and the United States, red gold and rose gold are nicknamed Russian gold. When this alloy became popular outside of Russia, the name disappeared.

How do I take care of my rose gold jewelry?

Our tips for maintaining your rose gold jewelry: 

  1. Regularly clean your jewelry. To restore your rose gold jewelry yourself, you may think of cleaning it with an all-metal cleaner. The result is not always the height and you risk accidentally damaging the stones in addition to using products that are corrosive to the skin.
    We offer a complete cleaning of your jewelry at an attractive price, by an artisan jeweler.
  2. Finally, if you want to remove scratches from rose gold jewelry, you can of course re-polish it. We propose this service at 58 Facettes. 

Find our selection of rose gold jewelry, online at 58 Facettes :

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