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Thomas Arabian: the art of secret jewelry

Thomas Arabian: the art of secret jewelry

Installed for 5 years in his workshop in Bordeaux, Thomas Arabian likes to work with jewelry from every angle by creating secret jewelry revealing the inside of a pearl to discover gems. Jewelery journey in the infinitely small.

You have an incredible mastery of jewelry. What was your training?

Thomas Arabian: In jewelry, I have fallen into it since I was little because my family, grandmother, parents, sister, are all in the field of jewelry or watchmaking. And from the age of 16, I trained at the Ecole Boulle in Paris which is a school renowned for its high technicality.
Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes

And you joined a large workshop in Place Vendôme.

Thomas Arabian: Indeed, after an experience with a designer, I joined a renowned workshop that produces unique pieces for the big brands of Place Vendôme. During 10 years, I was able to specialize in all the stages of creation of a jewel and to master the know-how of a jewel, carried out in the requirement of the art of High Jewelery.
Secret pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes

Is that what made you want to create secret jewelry?

Thomas Arabian: I have always been passionate about the technical side of jewelry with the visible part and the hidden part. For example, in my "Coeur de perle" collection, presented on 58 Facettes, the idea is to open a pearl like a secret box revealing its many treasures.

You dare to cut a pearl in half ... It's very innovative!

Thomas Arabian: It is true that it is very daring, especially since these are magnificent very high-end pearls with AAA quality like the Tahitian cultured pearl on the Agora pendant. I cut the pearl in half leaving a glimpse of the nucleus and the layer of mother-of-pearl in the center and on the other half, I chose to do a diamond paving to illuminate the pearl.
Agora pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Baroque pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes

You like to associate the diamond with the pearl, but in a surprising way ...

Thomas Arabian: I like to interpret the jewel differently like the Secret pendant which reveals a 1 carat diamond, like a sunset coiled in a pearl. For the Baroque pendant, I chose a magnificent Australian pearl with a steel blue reflection and I replaced the inside of the pearl with diamond pavé.

You also approach the theme of flowers with a 3-dimensional effect.

Thomas Arabian: The flowers are magical in their complexity, like the carnivorous flowers that I evoke in my Dioneas ring. To give the flower a spicy look, I mounted rubies and green sapphires upside down. The Lily pendant is made from a pearl that I cut in 4 to create petals that open onto an Assher cut diamond (GIA certified).
Dionéas ring - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Taj Mahal ring - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes

You also reinterpret great classics such as solitaires ...

Thomas Arabian: My pleasure is to put complexity in a jewel with two ideas in one. This gives the Solitaire Earth which seems to be a very simple diamond solitaire… But when you approach the jewel and look at the profile of the ring, you see the pearl cut in two. This is also the case with my Taj Mahal ring which is a You and Me revisited with a Tahitian pearl in two parts that lean towards each other lovingly.

Do you offer men's jewelry?

Thomas Arabian: Some pieces can be mixed like the Emerald Heart pendant. The 1,20 carat emerald, nestled in a huge 17mm Tahitian cultured pearl, seems to float like a futuristic vessel. The pearl is held by a white gold axis, like a terrestrial globe so that the pearl stands upright on your body. The comfort of the jewel is also very important in my search for technicality.
Emerald heart pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes

Do you make tailor-made pieces?

Thomas Arabian: Of course, it is a real pleasure to make order parts. For clients, I do some sketches because I don't really draw. I rather guide clients on the choice of stones. But afterwards, it is the personality of my creations that dominates. They know my style and will be sure to have a unique piece of jewelry that will take them to the heart of a jewelry journey!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Dioneas ring
Picture 1: Thomas Arabian
Photo 2: Secret Pendant
Photo 3: Agora pendant
Photo 4: Baroque pendant
Photo 5: Dioneas ring
Photo 6: Taj Mahal ring
Photo 7: Emerald Heart Pendant

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