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Pparticipating in the next exhibition-sale of 58 Facettes in the heart of the Swiss Village in Paris, Sonia benarouch, founder of Savaje Paris, shares with us her passion and her innovative outlook for antique jewelry.

Why did you choose to create an activity on vintage jewelry?

I worked for a long time in finance and my creative aspirations, as well as my entrepreneurial desire, led me to want to leave my activity and embark on a new adventure. When my first child was born, I received a first vintage piece of jewelry. It was a precious Art Deco style emerald bracelet and it particularly moved me, as I was trying to imagine the woman who wore it in the 30s when it was created. Even today, I feel that emotion when I look at him on my wrist. It is this emotional power and the desire to create a sublime setting that convinced me to create this site, dedicated to vintage jewelry. Moreover, when I meet my clients, we always share an exceptional moment on the history of jewelry and the feelings they seek through this quest.

What are your selection criteria?

I particularly like certain pieces from the first half of the XNUMXth century, but I mainly work on a crush and also through my inspirations to wear the jewel, as well as to imagine its name and its legend. I offer the jewelry on my site in a product shot pack version, but also in a worn version with mix and match ideas.

Because for you the old jewel is current, is it vintage new chic?

Absolutely, as I like to say: “old is the new new”! We are going to buy second hand, but Haute Joaillerie and with a more current worn, but above all we acquire a unique piece. I like to bring a quirky side between rock and glamor by mixing different styles to avoid the total look. I have clients who love jewelry, but also want to assert their style and uniqueness by wearing precious jewelry that they will be the only ones to wear.

Is there a new clientele for vintage jewelry?

There is a real resurgence of interest for different reasons according to the profiles of the customers: for those who are interested in the sustainable economy, the vintage jewel is in itself a durable jewel which has been transmitted. People can also access exceptional pieces that are more affordable than some current collections. And they are also emblematic pieces of French know-how sought after around the world. Particularly today, we are witnessing a quest for meaning that I share through Savaje with the values ​​of transmission, protection of the planet and the search for exceptional know-how as opposed to fast fashion.

What are the most popular periods?

I personally love the Art Deco period and my site with the tiger's head, the blue background and the typography are reminiscent of that time. During the Roaring Twenties, women emancipated themselves and I like the idea that my clients give themselves the jewel for themselves! Art Deco is the most sought-after period from the 10s to the 1930s. Tank bracelets from the 40s are also in great demand with more rounded shapes than the models from the 20s.

Can you tell us more specifically about the Retro period?

The Retro period is difficult to locate beginning in the mid 40's to the 50's. It is the desire to go back to happy years with vivid colors thanks to the profusion of fine stones, lush floral shapes and rounded shapes. It is also the glamorous period of big stars like Marylin Monroe and Liz Taylor who wear jewels with stones galore celebrating the return to life. A feeling that currently drives us with the Covid crisis!

Do you also offer brooches with an updated style?

I have found that some brooches are difficult to wear as such. So, I can offer to transform them into rings or necklaces and they become pieces of High Jewelry thanks to the expert hands of my network of artisans.

Is the trend of antique jewelry an international phenomenon?

It is undoubtedly an international phenomenon since this market represents an annual turnover of 21 billion euros with a distribution of 75% for watches and 25% for jewels. But France has an important role to play because 50% of sales are made in Europe and jewelry representing French know-how is still the most sought after.

Exhibition-Sale Vintage Jewelry & Creations
From 30 September to 3 October 2021
from 11AM to 19PM58 Facettes at the Swiss Village
78, avenue de Suffren
paris 15ème