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Which style of engagement ring to choose?

Which style of engagement ring to choose?

There are many styles of engagement rings out there, and choosing the right ring for your other half is not an easy task. 58 Facettes presents you here the different existing styles, in order to help you in this choice.

The solitary :

A solitaire is a ring with a single diamond (or other stone) at its center, attached to a single ring. The central stone is generally set with 4 or 6 prongs. Each of these metal pins holds the stone securely in place. It is a great classic, timeless, of the engagement ring.

Why choose a Solitaire as an engagement ring?

A Solitaire is a simple and elegant choice, which can be modern, with a 4 prong setting, or more classic, with 6 prongs. Its sleek, no-frills design allows it to shine on any occasion, whatever outfit you're wearing. It is possible to customize the width of the ring of a Solitaire ring, thinner or thicker, in order to adapt to all body shapes and types of hands.

The diamond, or the central stone, is magnified and well highlighted on a Solitaire ring. It catches the eye because, as the name suggests, there is no other stone or ornament that could distract from it. The setting with the claws makes it possible to limit the quantity of metal which surrounds the diamond or the central stone and thus to leave visible a large part of the stone, to allow the light to pass well through it and therefore to maximize its brilliance.

A Solitaire for all diamond cut shapes

Due to its classic design and the setting guaranteeing a good hold of the stone, the Solitaire does not exclude any form of diamond cutting, whether it is a round diamond, a princess cut, emerald, pear, oval or other. The claws will secure the stone, whatever its shape or weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of Solitaire

To choose an engagement ring, you must also make sure that the style of ring chosen is compatible with your partner's lifestyle, and that the ring will be relatively easy to maintain.

Benefits :

  • Timeless classic style, which can be modernized by choosing 4 claws rather than 6, and which adapts to stones of all shapes and weights.
  • Presentation that sublimates the stone and highlights it.
  • Maximization of the brilliance thanks to a setting which optimizes the passage of the light in the stone.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.


  • The stone can get caught in clothing or other fabrics. If your partner has a very active lifestyle and you want a Solitaire ring, it is best to avoid choosing a setting that elevates the stone too much.
  • The claws may loosen over time. In order to ensure that the stone is properly maintained, it is advisable to have the claws checked every two years.

The trilogy :

A Trilogy ring does not go unnoticed and does not lack brilliance! It is a choice which allows to obtain an original and unique design.

What is a Trilogy ring?

As the name suggests, the Trilogy ring features 3 diamonds or other stones that are tightly set in a row. The stones can all be the same size, or the center stone can be larger than the other two. Using stones of different colors and shapes between the central stone and those surrounding it can give surprising and magical effects!

A Trilogy ring can be made in all precious metals: white, yellow or pink gold or even platinum. It is also possible to make a paved Trilogy ring.

Why choose a Trilogy engagement ring?

The three stones set together represent the past, present and future of the couple. With a Trilogy ring, you are giving away a magnificent engagement ring that symbolizes a strong and powerful couple life, which has stood the test of time.

Many people choose a Trilogy ring for the possibilities it offers in terms of customization. You can use 3 diamonds of the same shape and size, or vary the pleasures and choose different stones, by framing a central diamond with rubies or emeralds for example, and play with colors and shapes.

A Trilogy ring for all diamond cut shapes

You can make a Trilogy ring with any diamond cut shape. However, it goes particularly well with the following sizes: round brilliant, radiant, cushion, princess and emerald.

It is also important to make sure that the stones chosen complement each other well, rather than oppose each other.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Trilogy ring

Benefits :

  • Lots of shine and sparkle.
  • Possibility of having several large stones, even of several colors.
  • Possibility of highlighting in particular the central stone, by carefully choosing the surrounding stones.
  • Many possibilities of customization.


  • Requires more maintenance than a ring with a single stone.
  • Be careful to choose the stones so that those framing the central stone do not shade it.

The Halo:

Halo rings offer unparalleled style and shine whether the halo is single or double.

What is a Halo ring?

In a Halo ring, the center stone is completely surrounded by smaller stones (usually diamonds). The circle (or square if applicable) gives the impression of enlarging the central stone, and of making it brighter.

Halo rings frequently go with a pavé ring, but it is possible to have them with a bare ring, as below.

In the case of a double halo, the central stone is surrounded by 2 rows of stones.

Why choose a Halo engagement ring?

Some choose a Halo ring because it makes the center stone appear brighter and bigger than it actually is. This can be a purely aesthetic choice, or an economical one.

It is also possible to choose colored stones, such as blue sapphires, for the halo, in order to create a contrasting effect between the halo and the center stone.

A Halo ring for all diamond cut shapes

A Halo ring can be made with any shape of a diamond cut, although generally the following cuts are preferred: round, oval, and cushion brilliant.

Pros and Cons of the Halo Ring

Benefits :

  • Effect of the halo which artificially increases the size and the brilliance of the central stone.
  • Works well with many diamond sizes.
  • Possibility to customize by choosing a single or double halo, or by choosing colored stones for the halo.


  • The small stones of the halo can become loosened over time.
  • Due to the frequent use of a pavé ring, resizing the ring, if necessary, can be complex.

Pavé ring

The small diamonds that cover the ring of the ring give it shine and elegance.

What is a paved ring?

A pavé ring is a ring in which the ring is completely or partially covered with small diamonds. The claws that set the small diamonds are almost invisible.

Why choose a paved engagement ring?

A pavé ring is an elegant and timeless choice. The diamond ring brings depth and sparkle to the ring.

The pavé ring reinforces the personality of the ring, without looking away from the central stone.

A pavé ring can be used very well with a Solitaire, a Halo or a Trilogy. Whatever the style, it is possible to add a pavé ring!

A pavé ring for all diamond cut shapes

The pavé rings and their classic design go with all shapes of diamond cut, round brilliant, emerald, oval, pear, princess or even cushion, to name a few.

Advantages and disadvantages of the paved ring

Benefits :

  • The paved ring focuses attention on the central stone.
  • Increases the overall shine and beauty of the ring.
  • Adds sparkle, even with a center stone that lacks shine.
  • Possibility of opting for modern or classic designs.


  • Complicates resizing if necessary.
  • Although very unlikely, the stones in the paving can become loose and lost.

That's it, have you found the style you need? Do not hesitate to make a request for a tailor-made creation from our artisans!

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