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A Thousand and One Holidays!

A Thousand and One Holidays!

More than ever now, we need to think about others and do ourselves good. So why not send a message to your loved ones with a little gem just to let them know how precious these people are to you? To help you in your choices, 58 Facettes has selected some flagship jewels for you to brighten up the holidays.

Message jewelry

The designers selected by 58 Facettes offer jewelry made in France and some offer the possibility of personalizing the jewelry. Nothing could be more direct than sending a message engraved on the jewel and this is the case with Alice Magnin who offers a pendant in brushed gold as if taken from archaeological excavations. She affixed an engraving of a plant motif, but offers to put your initials or a small personalized word.
Pendant - Alice Magnin on 58 Facettes
Secret ring - Marina Cabanel on 58 Facettes
Marina Cabanel suggests a particularly subtle message with her Secret ring. The hollowed out ring symbolizes a scroll with a message that only people can guess connecting them with this precious secret.
The creator Arié Mergui is passionate about diamonds and allows you to write the first name of your loved ones or a word of your choice. The first letter is underlined in diamond and so your words will directly touch the hearts of those you love with the quintessential gemstone.
D for Diamond necklace - Arié Mergui on 58 Facettes

A beneficial colorthotherapy

The earth reveals to us its most beautiful gems that designers know how to handle with dexterity to create sublime ornaments. The artisan jeweler Romain Beaumont poetically chose the image of the Tightrope walker to create bracelets on cable, adorned with precious stones, such as this luminous emerald of 2,05 carats dancing on the wrist.
Tightrope walker bracelet - Romain Beaumont on 58 Facettes
Kandy Saphir Hot Pink Ring - Avani on 58 Facettes
The Avani house, based in Paris, sources its stones directly from Sri Lanka, a region renowned for its unique colored sapphires. The pear-shaped Hot Pink sapphire, highlighted with diamonds all around, is simply a beautiful statement for the holiday season.
Passionate about minerals, Flavien Barrois is both a lapidary and a jeweller. For his Strié collection, he chose a multitude of gems, streaked with fine engraved lines highlighting the structures of stones such as black granite, malachite or red jasper.
Strié earrings - Flavien Barrois on 58 Facettes
Colors Necklace - Lucky One on the fact 58 Facettes
Lucky One baptized its Colors pendants featuring the beauty of the colors of gems such as luminous green tourmaline, tanzanite, citrine, amethyst, Swiss blue topaz or rhodolite. In its Les Personnalisables range you can choose the stones, but also the colors of pink, yellow or white gold, the idea being to create a jewel as unique as you are.

The cosmos to dream a little further

Why not take a step back and put our earthly life into perspective by winning a star for our loved ones? This is what offers us Insolite Joaillerie which is inspired by the multiple shapes of stars to create its Hexkiz rings. Hexagonal in shape, the rings are embellished with pink sapphires or diamonds to create exquisite rings.
Hexkiz ring - Insolite Joaillerie on the fact 58 Facettes
Ekia Soleil hoops - Maïtia on 58 Facettes
Maïta depicts the race of the earth around the sun creating a poetic circle for her hoops. The earth is adorned with different colors of mother-of-pearl or stones to remind us that our Blue Planet is as precious as gems!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Hexkiz ring - Insolite Joaillerie

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