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Rather medal or second-hand medallion?

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DTwo types of pendants which each have their character and their symbols. We invite you to discover their particularities in a few illustrations.

The vintage medallion, sentimental jewel

The medallion is a jewel very worn in the XNUMXth century, which has the particularity of opening. It is most often round or oval. It can contain a photo, a lock of hair, a memory... Initially, the medallion contains a portrait in memory, precisely, of relatives. On the back, you can find an engraving, a date, an initial that will indicate a person or a significant moment.
 It is therefore a romantic and sentimental jewel par excellence.

Here are some examples of the many choices of used medallions to keep with you. 

The vintage medal, symbol and portrait

The story of the medal is liée to that of currency. Originally, it appeared in the Roman Empire and then in the Middle Ages. The medal was awarded to people with power.
During the Renaissance, the medal became more famous in Europe when Pisanello, in 1439, created his first and famous medal in homage to the Byzantine Emperor John VIII Palaiologos when he came to Italy.
Since the XNUMXth century, the medal has been offered to soldiers and diplomats, but also to religious, family or sporting events. You will therefore most often find it representing a portrait or symbols, engraved in hollow or in relief, embellished with stones or pearls...

And here are some examples of used medals.

And find all our selection of medals et medallions !