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Extraordinary Voyages!

Extraordinary Voyages!

In homage to Jules Vernes with his 62 novels, grouped together under the Voyages Extraordinaires collection (1866 edition), 58 Facettes invites you to discover different countries through jewelry creations. Failing to be able to travel today, follow the guide using your imagination.

America with thrills

Whether it is the landscapes or the architecture of the cities, everything is excessive and captivates our imagination.

Witness of the end was interested in the famous Bermuda triangle which draws an imaginary line between the islands of Bermuda, the island of Puerto Rico and the tip of Florida passing through the Bahamas. This mysterious area where many ships or aircraft have disappeared gives free rein to any interpretation. The Bermudes pendant from the Entre Bois et Marées collection is composed of silver coral branches trapping a precious tourmaline. Held on by a simple chain, the pendant has a captivating organic beauty.
Bermuda pendant - Witness of the End on the fact 58 Facettes
Manhattan ring - Mathon Paris on 58 Facettes
Mathon-Paris takes us to the heart of Manhattan with its famous towers at dizzying heights. The Manhattan collection, in the form of pendants, rings or earrings, is inspired by the emblematic Art Deco lines of this city with the use of rectangular stones in amethyst, aquamarine or peridot. These stones, illuminated by diamonds, recall the glazed facades of towers reaching towards the sky.

Asia and its captivating cultures

It is the largest and most populous continent, but also its many countries reveal ancestral traditions that have fascinated many artists and travelers.

Tiber Joaillerie offers a polychrome journey through its stones that it sources in particular in Bangkok where Marie-Caroline Lagache studied gemology after ING in Paris. A great traveler, she was particularly fascinated by Japan with its traditional arts. She unveils her Origami rings, adorned with rubellites and luminous tsavorites or tourmalines and pink spinels.
Origami ring - Tiber Joaillerie on the fact 58 Facettes
Delhi earrings - Yasmin Yahya on 58 Facettes
Yasmin Yahya, of Swiss and Indian origin living in France, reminds us of India with her Delhi earrings. With dexterity in her workshop in Rennes in Brittany, she draws a circle with a pearl thread, adorned with a small ruby ​​giving a dynamic to the almost moving jewel. Many versions exist because his inspirations are crossbreeding and gems are the most beautiful expression of diversity on earth.

Paris: the romantic city par excellence

Let's go back to Paris that the world envies us! Often it is foreign visitors who make us open our eyes to this beauty that we no longer see on a daily basis.

Solium Aurum invites us to stroll through the streets or gardens of Paris with its Luxembourg ring reproducing the famous pools where children play with their small wooden sailboats. Its Trocadéro ring, adorned with a brown diamond, traces the oval lines of the elegant building, while the Les Batignolles ring, set with a pink sapphire, evokes the city of Flowers.
Luxembourg ring - Solium Aurum on 58 Facettes
La Parisienne Jubilé Ring - Wilfrid Deydier on 58 Facettes
Lovers from all over the world rush to kiss on the Eiffel Tower. An emblematic building that Wilfrid Deydier reinterpreted with her La Parisienne Jubilee ring. Transformed into a bodice with its precious gold laces, the Eiffel Tower literally seems to dance around the finger and is eternally illuminated by precious diamonds. Because as Ernest Hemingway likes to remind us: Paris is a party!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Bermuda pendant - Witness of the End

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